White-Label Multi-chain NFT Marketplace – Customize & Launch NFT Platform From Appdupe

Bypass the time involved in developing an NFT marketplace from scratch with a ready-to-launch white-label NFT marketplace.

Appdupe is a decade-long white-label NFT trading platform development company that has ventured into NFT marketplace development services since its inception. Their development services include DeFi, NFTs, and white-label NFT marketplace development. Alongside, they provide competent marketing services.

The gradually rising interest in NFTs among the masses has steered the entrepreneurs to launch NFT marketplaces. And that is what triggered Appdupe to come up with instantly launchable NFT trading platform solutions.

Basically, a white-label solution is similar to an open-source, which can be modified to develop the desired application. With a white-label multi-chain NFT marketplace, entrepreneurs can just customize it to get an NFT trading platform that fits their business requirements.

Appdupe’s White-Label NFT Marketplace Development Solutions For Different Domains

NFT marketplace for

  • Digital artworks
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Fantasy games
  • Auction 
  • Live streaming
  • Physical assets
  • Utility NFTs
  • Influencers 

The Most Compelling Features Incorporated In Their White-Label NFT Marketplace Solutions

  • NFT Exhibitory – All the NFTs available on the marketplace can be effortlessly viewed using this feature.
  • Search Field – To make the searching of NFTs easier, users can type the name or category of NFTs on the search field.
  • Smart Filters – Users who are picky about finding NFTs, can apply filters to sort NFTs based on type, price, etc.
  • Watchlist – Among the different NFT collections, buyers can watchlist certain interesting collections so as to get updates like floor price, number of owners, trading volume, etc.
  • Digital Wallet – The digital wallet will store NFTs of any type.

If you want to launch your dream NFT project, as a top-tier NFT marketplace development company, Appdupe, can be your crucial consideration. Since they have been in the NFT-verse for years together, they have vast experience developing and delivering NFT marketplaces of different sorts. And not to miss out, consider their marketing services that will be devised exclusively for your audience base.

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