How Massage Chairs Help Lighten the Mood and Improve Breathing

May 23, 2022 – Nowadays, everyone could use a special space where they can relax and take a load off; somewhere they can just forget about all their problems and let their body recuperate all the energy is spent. Any old chair will do the trick for most people, but there are a lot of ways one can take this experience to the next level. The Modern Back, one of the leading suppliers of massage chairs in Florida offers a great example. Why settle for a lumpy and boring armchair when one can enjoy a deep and relaxing professional massage from a big and tall massage chair? This fantastic machine is capable of providing a well-rounded massage to the body using an ingenious mechanical system. Along with lightening up a person’s mood, a full-body massage chair can also help improve respiration. Read along and find out how exactly it does this.

Massage, Muscle Pains, and Breathing

A person can experience breathing issues if they are suffering from muscle pains and stiffness near the chest area. This is because muscles that help facilitate a proper breathing cycle are restricted from performing their full range of movement. This is particularly common for people who experience morning muscle aches either as a result of poor quality of sleep, or a very uncomfortable sleeping position. Massage therapy can help treat these conditions by relieving muscle tensions and increasing blood flow in the afflicted area. Back massage chairs are particularly good at this job as they are often fitted with heated massage rollers that can reach even the deepest muscles on a person’s back in order to untangle these constricted tissues. It can also be used before going to bed to reduce the risks of these muscle tensions appearing in the morning or to gradually correct poor body posture. In some instances, even people with certain respiratory illnesses can benefit from a massage chair, though it should only be done if it is considered safe by a qualified medical practitioner.

Another benefactor, of course, is people working in construction and other physically-intensive work, as their bodies are subjected to so much pressure every workday. If they don’t supplement their work with proper rest and ample time for recovery, they could put themselves at risk of serious injuries. That is why a personal massage chair can be a very good addition to the households of people in this industry.

Treating Mental Health Problems

Many believe that massage therapy only treats physical ailments, but that is actually far from the truth. Anybody who has ever tried getting a professional massage can testify to how effective a massage chair is at putting them in a positive mood even on the most stressful days. A good 20 min in a massage recliner chair can promote the release of feel-good hormones in a person’s body, These hormones are called such because they can promote the feelings of joy and pleasure while suppressing the release of adrenaline, a hormone that puts your body into a tense “fight or flight” mode. In particular, endorphins also act as your body’s natural painkillers. Some of the top-rated massage chairs take this a step further by having special mechanisms like chromotherapy and advanced reflexology that can, alongside providing an extra source of relaxation, can also induce positive emotions in its user.

Recommended Massage Techniques

If the main goal of getting a massage chair is to use it to improve breathing, then massage techniques are also worth looking into. Each unique massage technique targets a specific part of the body and provides varying benefits. The massage technique that is considered the best at supporting the well-being of the respiratory system is the iconic Swedish massage. Not to be confused with the naming scheme, this particular massage technique is available in many state-of-the-art Japanese massage chairs and most other top-selling massage chairs. It combines relaxing strokes with small taps focused mainly on the upper body, providing all-around relaxation and improved blood circulation. Deep tissue massage is also good for people with painful muscle tensions near areas with connective tissues.


A personal massage chair is a great addition to any household given how stressful living in the modern age can be. It provides a quick and easy way to recharge the body’s batteries and turn an otherwise gloomy day just a little bit brighter. The best thing about it is that although it can have a daunting price tag for many people, the return of investments is almost instantaneous as it helps its owner boost their productivity tenfold. It’s a piece of modern technology that is certainly not worth missing.

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