QR Codes and NFTs to Verify the Authenticity of the Information

How is it possible to make the difference, in a few seconds, between an original press release and a fake? Remy EISENSTEIN, CEO of TOKEN ECONOMICS, declares he has the solution to effectively fight against fakes thanks to “Certidox”, a product based on the QR Code and the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technologies

Everyone has in mind, e.g., the notice of GlobeNewswire confirming that journalists and other readers should ignore the press release entitled “Walmart Announces Major Partnership with Litecoin (LTC)” issued on September 13. 2021 on this same GlobeNewswire. Remy EISENSTEIN claims that using Certidox can prevent such a problem from occurring again. All it takes is for companies to certify their press releases with Certidox. Certidox makes it possible to verify the authenticity of a document in a few seconds with the Certidox Mobile App available for free on Google Play and App Store. The hacker or activist may copy the company logo, but he won’t be able to create a “Certidox” QR Code.


Certidox (https://certidox.com) uses QR CODE and NFT technologies. The QR code that Certidox delivers for each document can be read-only by the Certidox App, which is available for free on App Store and Google Play. Rémy EISENSTEIN justifies the adoption of an App because its origin is traceable, unlike a website. There is, therefore, no possible doubt about the source of the Certidox App. 

The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) contains the digital fingerprint of the certified document. CertiDox calculates a hash for each certified document, creates a QR code and mints an NFT on the decentralised Polygon® blockchain. The NFT contains the hash of the certified document and attests to the date and time at which it was certified. The hash is, in a way, the DNA of the document: it is specific to each document, and it is impossible, from this information, to deduce its content. Consequently, the confidentiality of the records for which an NFT has been minted is fully ensured. 


Thus, according to Remy EISENSTEIN, the Certidox QR Code is a label of authenticity. Anyone can verify, in a few seconds, the origin of a press release by scanning its QR CODE with the Certidox App from a smartphone or tablet. He will know who certified the document and when. He will also be able to compare the text received with the content registered at the time of certification. 

Therefore, the reader or the journalist who detects the press release is a fake press release, with the Certidox Mobile app, will be able to launch a fake news alert instead of contributing to disseminating false information. Thanks to a dedicated API provided by Certidox, wires will also be able to automatically verify the authenticity of the information before distributing it on their network.


Remy EISENSTEIN specifies that Certidox has many other uses. Certidox can also certify the authenticity of texts published on social networks such as Facebook. Certidox can also certify the authenticity of a power of attorney, a purchase voucher or even a diploma. In these three cases, the issuer of the document (individual, company, university) can activate or deactivate the QR Code displayed on the document. Thus, if you wish to revoke a proxy, you can deactivate the Certidox QR Code, and the Certidox App will display “Document Revoked”. Certidox secures the employer when he auditions a candidate: he can verify the authenticity of his diplomas in a few seconds. In short, Certidox is an easy-to-use and quick tool for flushing out fakes in all areas of activity.

In conclusion, fakes are not inevitable: the QR Code and NFT technologies integrated into a Mobile App for Smartphones and Tablets make it possible to fight effectively against this scourge. CertiDox (https://certidox.com) leads the way. 

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