Talks about the Top Reasons to Digitize Photos Talks about the Top Reasons to Digitize Photos

Almost every family has at least a few boxes of old photos sitting around collecting dust. It’s not that anyone wants to just leave those cherished memories in the bottom of the closet to be forgotten. The problem is that most people simply don’t have the time to go through photos, scan them, and save them in a digital format. Read on to find out why it’s worth digitizing those photo albums.

Protect Cherished Memories

Most homeowners have insurance that will cover the cost of replacing damaged belongings in the event of a natural disaster, but there’s no way for anyone to replace family photos that have been lost or damaged in a flood. According to, those memories are the things survivors of natural disasters miss the most. Digitizing photos means that even if the physical copies are lost, there will be a copy online.

Reduce Clutter

These days, plenty of people don’t even bother keeping print photos. The minimalist movement has encouraged Americans to declutter and keep things simple, which means storing countless photos is out. Downsizing shouldn’t mean having to part with precious memories, though, so before getting rid of everything, Focus on digital: How to convert pictures and video into new media.

Easy Sharing

Digital pictures are incredibly easy to share, which means that people can send copies of old digitized photos to siblings, children, and other family members that will appreciate them. Not sure if this kind of gift really will be appreciated? Check out a knockout post about the value of sharing experiences and memories between generations.

More Flexible Organization

Once pictures have been digitized, it’s much easier to keep them organized. Instead of having to search through dozens of photo albums or boxes before finding the right one, all it takes is a quick search. As long as the person who digitized the photos added key information like when and where the photo was taken and who is pictured, it should be possible to pull it up in a matter of seconds.

Greater Enjoyment

Everyone thinks they’re going to pull out those carefully arranged photo albums to review cherished memories all the time, but that never seems to happen. Digitizing photos allow people to get more creative and transform them into wall art, coffee mugs, or even blankets to maximize the enjoyment of those old photos. Plus. it will remove a long-standing item off of the to-do list, and who doesn’t love that feeling?

The Whole Process Is Simple

Digitizing photos takes next to no time. Just send them to a company like EverPresent. Professionals will change physical photos into digital form, touch them up, and send copies back.

It’s Time to Go Digital

There’s no reason to put off digitizing old photos and every reason to send them in today. Old photos will only sustain more damage over the years and be more likely to be lost or stolen. Protect them by keeping digital copies that can be backed up, organized, and shared.

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