National Dimples Day will celebrate cute physical trait shared by around 30% of the world’s population on July 9th

Get ready for the official dimple celebration with National Dimples Day’s collection of unique clothing and gifts

Are you familiar with National Donut Day, National Teachers’ Day, or National Hot Dog Day? Well, say hello to National Dimples Day. Yes, National Dimples Day is an official day of celebration, recognizing individuals with the cutest facial trait, dimples.

National Dimples Day will take place on July 9, 2022. To celebrate the big day, has launched a range of clothing and accessories for anyone wanting to show off their love of dimples. The website’s gifts are also perfect for that special person with dimples in your life.

Research has found that up to 30% of people in the world have dimples. While cheek dimples are the most famous type of the physical trait, there are also chin dimples and back dimples. Some of the world’s most famous celebrities have dimples which add to their attractive looks. Celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Jennifer Garner, and Brad Pitt have remarkable dimples that add to their unique attractiveness.

You may wonder why people have cheek dimples. The trait is the result of the zygomaticus major, a muscle in the cheek, dividing in two. Prior to birth the muscle can divide with one part above the corner of the mouth and the other below the corner of the mouth. A hammock effect occurs in which the skin slightly hangs in between the top and bottom of the split. The muscles contract when you smile causing the dimples to be more prominent.

Now, thanks to National Dimples Day which was founded by Graceful Grady (Founder and Chief Dimples Officer), you can celebrate the physical trait like never before. has t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories for the celebration on July 9. Don’t miss out on the biggest day of the year for people with dimples. For more information, please visit

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