Suggests Seafood and Such at Pier 39 Restaurants Suggests Seafood and Such at Pier 39 Restaurants

Seafood has long been a favorite meal for people visiting San Francisco. Many seafood restaurants in California serve a wide variety of seafood sandwiches, appetizers, and entrees. Keep reading to learn about the best seafood in San Francisco restaurants.

The City by the Bay

San Francisco is affectionately known as “The City by the Bay” and is famous for its Dungeness crab, cioppino, and oysters. San Francisco has some of the best seafood in California. Tourists only need to type a few words into Google to quickly find a helpful site locating the best seafood restaurants. 

The Swan Oyster Depot on Polk Street is a long-kept secret. It doesn’t have tables or frills. There are eighteen stools and a long line to wait to get in. The Sancimino family started the restaurant in the 1940s, and according to, they specialize in shrimp, crab, and oyster cocktails. 

The Other End of the Spectrum

On the fancier end of the spectrum is the Aqua, an elegant restaurant in the financial district. Michael Mina used to be the famous chef there, and although he is no longer there, it is known as one of the best places to go for seafood. Ahi tuna tartare is one of the specialties at the Aqua. The Maine diver scallop served on braised oxtails is another favorite, and the bacon-wrapped lobster is out of this world.

The Tadich Grill began as a coffee stand in 1849 but now is a full-fledged eating institution. They offer classic seafood dishes and manly meals. Cioppino, Patrale of sole, and shrimp Newburg are a few of their favorites. They are also one of the few restaurants still serving lobster thermidor. The Tadich Grill offers an old restaurant feel, full of history. The seafood is fresh, and the bar serves honest drinks.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is a frequently visited tourist attraction. Fisherman’s Wharf boasts famous Irish coffee, fantastic sourdough bread, and delicious restaurants. A few dishes that visitors are sure to try include garlic fries, truffle mushroom pizza, and cioppino. Cioppino is a restaurant named after its famous seafood soup that is over 100 years old. The Dungeness crab cakes are also one of the most ordered items on the menu. 

Restaurant Changeovers

Many people have heard the news about “San Francisco: Alioto’s at Fisherman’s Wharf closing after 100 years.” While this is sad, many new upstart restaurants are ready to replace this legend. Tourists just need to walk down the street to find new restaurants on every corner.  

The Eagle Cafe is a new restaurant among the rest. Serving breakfast and lunch, it offers a variety of seafood fare, including sandwiches, fish and chips, salmon, and fish tacos. It has a bar and grill feel and is one of several restaurants in the Pier 39 family of restaurants. 

Whether one’s lived in San Francisco their whole life or visiting for a short time, dining at a local seafood restaurant is an experience one will never forget. Try any of the popular, fresh seafood dishes that are readily available.

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