Joshua Nesbitt Debuts New Hiring Agency Focused on Giving Entrepreneurs Inside Track to Steal Top Talent from Giant Corporations

June 1, 2022 – Joshua Nesbitt is the founder of The Dream Life Company LLC, a new hiring agency focused on persuading top corporate employees to work for small businesses and entrepreneurs. “They are definitely a match made in Heaven.” He said talking about entrepreneurs working with corporate workers. “They provide a new prospective of business at a completely different scale.” 

As a hiring agency Joshua and his team specialize in finding perfect corporate employees to work for small businesses. He hires them away and keeps them on staff till a match is made with a small business. 

All the workers will be based out of the Dream Life Company LLC headquarters in Los Angeles, California so they can collaborate and help each other through any difficulties. This remote worker arrangement means that small businesses and entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about employee taxes, health, or workers compensation insurance.

“The group idea is a huge advantage for small business owners who don’t have the budget to hire a lot of workers. They help each other out constantly and having a group means there is always a backup in case a worker gets sick.” Joshua added.

Corporations have a long history of stealing each other’s employees. Microsoft famously took workers from Apple when they first started working on tablets. Apple poached workers from Tesla when they started working on the Apple Car. Salesforce took three workers from Oracle when they were first founded.

The Dream Life Company LLC will brand the new workers “Stolen Pros” an homage to his book of the same name.

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