AGELOCER “Volcano Series” Watch Evaluation | A product that combines creativity and sincerity

When it comes to watches, what are the key words that come to your mind? record time? Mechanical sense? Everyday wear? Watches not only record the passage of time, but also one of the fascinating things about the fun and innovation. Recently, I found AGELOCER’s latest “Volcano Series” project on the kickstarter crowdfunding platform. From the design concept to the watch, it gives people a refreshing feeling. It’s very interesting. Let’s take a look at the fascinating part of this watch this time.

Eye-catching exterior design

Architect Antoni Gaudíi once said: “Straight lines belong to man, curves belong to God”. This watch is inspired by the volcano. Unlike the rigid mechanical watches on the market, it subtly integrates the different shapes and elements of the volcano into the mechanical dial, and innovatively adds a lot of curve elements. This makes the overall vision more curvaceous and flexible, breaking people’s cold impression of mechanical watches in the past.

Unprecedented reading experience

When you first see this “Volcano” watch, you may have the question of how to see time, including us. AGELOCER completely breaks the inherent timekeeping form of the watch, and adopts a very rare three-hand separation design. The hour hand, minute hand, and second hand have independent timing systems, which run around different axes. This way of time travel gives the wearer an unprecedented look and feel, and makes watching the time more interesting.

A very thoughtful story about color

Arthur Schopenhauer once said, “The object we want to wear on our body is an external reflection of our inner state.” This is especially true of watches. Wearing a watch that is just right on your wrist and fits your personality can better reveal your true self. The “Volcano Series” watch has four vibrant colors, each of which has a different story, representing energy, breakthrough, hope, and evolution respectively. This setting surprised us very much. You can choose the color you like, match the current state, and add a good shape design to ignite a positive and sunny attitude towards life.

Strong Product Capability

As a mechanical watch, in addition to the appearance design, the movement is also one of the criteria for evaluating the excellence of the watch. The AGELOCER “Volcano Series” adopts the self-developed and designed Cal.A5505 automatic mechanical movement, which has an ultra-long kinetic energy of 80 hours, which is almost twice the kinetic energy storage of ordinary movements on the market. Simply put, you don’t need to wind it if you don’t wear it for 3 days. The movement frequency is 28,800 times/1H, accurate to 1/8 second, and the daily error of travel time is controlled within ±15 seconds, which is far lower than the daily error of ±30 seconds of the international standard of mechanical watches. In addition, the Volcano watch adopts a magic lever two-way winding system. No matter which direction the pendulum rotates, it can automatically wind the watch, and it can automatically store infinite energy when worn normally, without worrying about the stoppage of the watch.

In summarize:

AGELOCER’s “Volcano Series” watch is a watch full of creativity and sincerity. It is not like a product that casually applies concepts on the market. From the design of the watch to the color, you can really feel the energy of the volcano, and the powerful product force makes this already very eye-catching product even more distinctive. The super early bird price on kickstarter is currently only $299, which is 50% of the normal price, limited to 50 pieces! Interested friends can follow the latest news.

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