Integrated Health Center of Los Angeles Brings Hope To Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

As Functional Medicine Practitioner Dr. Glenda Davis DC, Aims To Provide A Better Form of Treatment For Diabetics

Dr. Glenda Davis, DC has seen too many diabetes patients struggle with the need for incessant prescriptions and injections. According to her, such individuals with chronic illness yearn for a sense of normalcy, a more permanent, less painful, and less costly solution.

Through her groundbreaking new treatment method, Dr. Glenda Davis, DC and her team at the Integrated Health Center of Los Angeles aim to address this and help as many diabetics as they can.

“The mission is to help as many Diabetics as possible to not suffer needlessly,” said the clinician.

A recognized expert in Functional Medicine, Dr. Glenda Davis, DC uses an investigative approach that aims to pinpoint the root cause of the person’s disease. With her findings, she develops a custom-programmed treatment that will effectively align with the person’s unique needs.

Numerous patients have already experienced the effectiveness of her methods with some describing it as “life-changing.” Dr. Glenda Davis DC, hopes to bring help to more people in need.

In addition to Diabetes, she also offers treatment for thyroid diseases, autoimmune conditions, cognitive decline, and Alzheimer’s.

More information about Dr. Glenda Davis, DC and her services can be found on the Integrated Health Center of Los Angeles website,

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