Erin Porche` Attends Meta’s Invitation Only Leaders Network Boost Gather In Washington, D.C to Meet With Policy Makers For Equity in Small Business

Erin Porche` the talented CEO and Private Wealth Advisor of Global Works Consulting Group, attended Meta Boost Gather, an invitation-only event for leaders in Washington D.C. to discuss policy solutions for government contracting and equity for minorities.

Erin Porche`, CEO and Private Wealth Advisor of Global Works Consulting Group (GWCG), had the opportunity to represent the Business & Personal Development Training Company by attending Meta’s Boost Gather 2022 live in Washington, D.C, which took place from 16th to 18th May. She was invited to meet with Policy Makers and discuss reducing the barriers of entry and creating access in government contracting and equity for minorities to build wealth in this market.

Meta Boost Gather was not just another conference; this was one of a kind event that brought together 500 leaders from all walks of life around the world to discuss policy-making activities. Leaders had the chance to learn directly from Meta about best practices and new technology that can transform their business. Erin Porche received her invitation to be one of those 500 leaders that is committed to changing the narrative by equipping and empowering society for the next level.

The Meta Boost Gather brought together a leadership network of small businesses across all industries. Erin Porche` bought a unique component to the conversation in government contracting, policy, small business development, and empowerment of CEOs. In addition, GWCG programs connect leaders in the diversity and inclusion space with individuals who are the key influencers across government, corporations, and non-profit organizations to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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Meta’s vision for a world where one or more cognitive computing systems are behind every great decision, is becoming a reality. As they launch new products, build up ecosystems and develop new partnerships, Meta looked forward to engaging with small business leaders on their journey to build the future. This year’s theme was Connecting Today, Creating Tomorrow. In this two-day program, leaders worked together to create a diverse community of peers, share best practices and make their voices heard by policymakers.

When asked about her experience, Porche’ responded, “This was an opportunity for not only my business but for my industry in business development and leadership. As a key player in building wealth and closing the gaps, we are highly focused on helping develop and build leaders in businesses across the nation on a federal, regional, state, and local scale while improving operations and modernizing tools and systems to achieve maximum results and increase their bottom line and profit margins.

“It was a joy to be among so many amazing speakers and have a powerful exchange with business owners from across the nation. I’m thrilled to continue building with my fellow Leaders and helping one another grow as much as possible in business and life, leveraging social media and many of Meta’s digital products in the process.” 

The two days packed with an outstanding balance of life and business experiences allowed attendees to learn, tell our stories, grow, and mix and mingle with other leaders in the field. Erin had the honor of talking face-to-face, connecting, exchanging laughs and hugs casually and efficiently with other leaders, discussing ways to influence change, and being there for one another as they work to go higher in life and business. Meta’s mission is to connect, inspire, and elevate the voice of leaders across all industries and equip them with digital tools to reach the masses. 

Her company, Global Works Consulting Group, is making waves in the industry to close the wealth gap by supporting small and medium-sized businesses to help them build full service contracting departments, hire dynamic teams, and secure government contracts, allowing them to compete and win at the highest level. With a mission to coach, mentor, and train as many small business CEOs as possible to help them succeed financially, they work with each client to solve the problems that hold them back from achieving their full potential.

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