BerryStore signs a collaboration with Hanteo chart

BerryStore signs a collaboration with Hanteo chart

“Berry Store (CEO Sangwoon Lee) signed a collaboration with Hanteo Global (CEO Yongho Kwak).”

Berry Store announced officially a collaboration with Hanteo Global on May 26, said “We are planning to working with different kind of global platforms such as Hanteo global that has both trustful data and a trustful music chart.”

Jonil Lee (right) was in charge of the collaboration and he said with this collaboration Berry Store and Hanteo global are planning to work together on many different projects such as a global project about the K-culture with fans and artists, a collaboration about expanding the business globally through ‘WhosFan’ and a charity marketing collaboration targeted for international fans.

Hanteo Global, owner of the international real-time music chart “Hanteo chart”, is preparing to expand its business with its AI analyzing technology based on music big data. Moreover, it’s updating the international fans with K-pop related news through the TV channel Whosfan news and Hanteo news.

Whosfan was launched in May 2020, it reached 5.5 million users in just one year thanks to the international K-POP fandom and recently it reached 6.6 million users.

Berry Store is a charity related content platform with about 300k users. While leaving behind the previous stiff and difficult to approach charity culture, it pursuits Funation (Fun & Donation) culture where the users can participate by donating and having fun at the same time.

Moreover, Berry Store is preparing the 3.0 version and it’s going to present a perfect Dapp as a DAO that will encourage the users to participate freely to the renewed contents through the previous centralization. Currently, on the platform, it’s possible to get items sponsored by companies, the favorite items of celebrities and lend their talents through Lucky Box and auctions. In addition, the majority of the profit coming from the items gets donated to the needy through charity organizations related to Berry Store.

The two companies will try to expand the K-culture with a positive synergy along with the Berry Store creative Funation know-hows and the Hanteo global K-pop service and family network power based on big data.

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