swipejobs Offers Technology-Driven Solutions to the Great Resignation

swipejobs makes it easy for businesses to solve their staffing needs.

The pandemic has dramatically restructured the work model and placed the choice and control of jobs squarely in the hands of workers. Workers are now re-evaluating the wages and benefits positions offer and many have decided to quit their job to seek better opportunities. This mass exodus of employees has caused a significant slippage of workforce across the country and many businesses are at a loss as to how to fill their positions. swipejobs, the largest digital staffing platform in the US, offers a solution with intuitive services centered on connecting companies with workers to meet their staffing needs and increased demands.

With their digital approach to staffing swipejobs matches workers to jobs, managing the whole process from posting jobs, onboarding to dispatch to hours collection all through their digital platform. The platform makes the hiring process as streamlined and simple as possible, enabling businesses to post a new job in minutes and connect with workers in less than a second.

The platform has a strong network of on-demand workers (1 Million+) and cutting-edge technology that matches them with positions based on their skillsets, location, and preferred availability, making it easier to fill position gaps while ensuring workforce competence. swipejobs notifies workers about job posts in less than a second so that they can be on-site the next day.

As the company puts it, “hiring workers is as easy as ordering an Uber.”

Creating a job post with swipejobs is a straightforward process. Businesses first build their job order detailing requirements, background checks, training, and other pertinent information job seekers might need. To make things easier, the platform has an order flow businesses can use to flesh out their job posts.

Once that’s cleared, businesses can start adding shifts for their workers and rate them after they finish work using the platform. They can also invite their favorite workers back with just a push of a button. The platform is available 24/7 and supports continuous deployment, so there’s practically no downtime. Employers can have their pick of the best talents anytime, anywhere.

Businesses receive a consolidated bill based on the number of hours worked, so the compliance of managing the employees is handled by swipejobs. There are no upfront costs and businesses only pay once the job is done.

Amid The Great Resignation, swipejobs is making great strides in supporting big and small companies manage their changing workforce requirements. swipejobs operates in 50 states and over 565 markets. It is poised to drive positive changes to both businesses and job seekers with continuous innovation and improvement.

Learn more about swipejobs here: http://www.swipejobs.com/.

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