JPM Lending Set To Expand Its Reverse Mortgages To Seniors in Colorado and Now Across Florida

Leading provider of financial solutions, JPM Leading, announces plans to expand their innovative Reverse Mortgage programs to enable seniors in all counties in Florida to access capital with ease.

A Reverse Mortgage program is designed to enable seniors to provide for themselves adequately without placing undue financial pressures on their loved ones. Consequently, Joe Parker, the CEO of JPM Lending, one of the leaders in providing Reverse Mortgages to seniors here in Colorado, is looking to help more seniors in this regard as the firm expands its services to seniors in all counties in Florida.

There are many prevailing fallacies about Reverse Mortgages, one of the most common is: “I don’t have enough income to qualify for a Reverse Mortgage.” This is where the vast experience of the mortgage professionals at JPM Lending thrives, with the firm’s typical clients normally qualifying on just Social Security. The firm also has the expertise to know how to access other resources to meet the minimum income requirement.

A second very common prevailing fallacy is that “I can’t qualify for a reverse mortgage because I am currently in foreclosure.” JPM Lending also excels in this situation, recently saving a senior that was so far into foreclosure that the Sheriff Sale was looming in less than one week. “Many other Reverse Mortgage companies wouldn’t even consider helping this senior. We jumped in and committed all of our resources to help this senior save their home. One of the secrets other Reverse Mortgage companies won’t tell you is that there is no underwriting on a Reverse Mortgage when it comes to FICO Credit Scores on a Reverse Mortgage. In fact, this individual had a Credit Score of less than 400. The Reverse Mortgage was designed to help rescue seniors, and allow them to age in place and keep their homes,” said Joe Parker, the CEO of JPM Lending.

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