Julianne Williams Shares Her Journey Through Grief, Healing, and Hope in Her Book, Head Above Water

Julianne Williams aims to empower people to heal from the trauma of loss and rebuild their life.

Losing a loved one from suicide can lead to feelings of crushing guilt, grief, and despair. Finding answers to why’s and how’s and coping with the trauma while shouldering regret is a huge task. In her book Head Above Water, Julianne Williams offers deep introspection through her personal story of grief and loss. She unspools the emotional turmoil following the death of her husband and uses her experiences to provide solace and encouragement to others experiencing the same.

Head Above Water is a personal story of emerging hope, a great overcoming, that inspires others to find joy again and rebuild their lives. Despite all the challenges and the upheaval of loss, Williams is a testament that it’s possible to move forward, renew, and thrive.

“Grief finds us through the loss of a child, friend, job, or anything we wanted to be different. But you are brave enough to get through each moment, and each moment turns into an hour, day, week, and year,” says Williams.

She is now focusing her efforts on grief recovery and speaking engagements to share tools for overcoming adversity. Williams also has a podcast and a YouTube Channel called Brave Enough, where she helps others find healing, recover from grief, recreate their life, start anew, and succeed.

Williams offers jewelry and customized wood products inscribed with motivational phrases to remind everyone there’s brand new hope every day.

Learn more here: https://www.juliannewilliams.com/.

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