The Beauty Within the Pain is an engaging recall of Kristle Baylor-Johnson’s life.

Kristle Baylor-Johnson owner of Du’s Blossom Garden LLC and writer of the book The Beauty Within Pain relates her epic life tale of despair and success in her book.

Life is another name for a grueling test. As it proceeds people are tested now and then. Sometimes these tests turn out to be so exhausting that one tends to get knocked down. The person may feel demoralized and depressed. But at this stage what can keep one going is the faith contained within the heart.  A strong will that is ready to bear is also essential for one to get back up. Kristle Baylor-Johnson underwent many similar phases in life. After her mother passed away, she got locked in a state of depression where she struggled a lot. Amid her struggle, Kristle found a new path and meaning in life. A path that she found after tiresome struggle and suffering. 

Her exhausting struggle helped Kristle gain a new experience. Her thrilling tale is a perfect guide for all. Her book, The Beauty Within Pain: Are You Fearless to Endure the Pain to Blossom is an absolute narration of her life story. The way she struggled, found a new faith, and then her period of revival is all mentioned in detail in her book. During this time, she managed to learn a new skill. A skill she discussed with her mother years prior to losing her. The art of crafting wreaths. Kristle puts this skill to good use by designing wreaths that portray the love, beauty, and kindness that was instilled in her mother. 

Loosing a loved one is not easy, especially when that loved one is your mother. A Mother and her children share a special bond. A bond that is deep, all-embracing, nourishing, and warm. Losing her mother was not easy for Kristle. After her mother’s death, a wave of emotions engulfed Kristle. By understanding the amount of pain that she underwent, Kristle hopes to teach readers that great pain makes one blossom. All one must do is keep their faith sturdy and trust God to work his magic. Eventually, everything turns outright. Patience, faith, and trust in God are the answer to every problem. This is the beauty of life and the way it proceeds.

Born in Richmond, Virginia Kristle Baylor-Johnson had an inquisitive and artistic mind. Her parents were extremely loving and supportive people. Being the eldest sister of 3, she was Valorous and always showed great determination in times of difficulties and fear. She refused to bend down to any problems she faced in life. This attribute got passed down from Kristle to her son. She aspires that her son would do the same during difficult chapters of his life. She plans on leaving down her experiences of facing difficulties in the form of a book. The official book launch will be held on Saturday July 9, 2022, at Oakdale RVA in Ashland, VA.  By writing, The Beauty Within Pain Kristle has ensured that when the time comes for her son to show his courage and determination, he is aware of the arduous steps that he must take. 

Du’s Blossom Garden LLC, was founded by Kristle in memory of her mother, Durcellia T. Baylor also known as Du. It is a custom art shop where all the client’s wishes are incorporated into the product being designed. After her mother’s death in 2020 Kristle was filled with sadness. She felt life was meaningless. After a lot of struggles, she managed to find a beacon to guide her. The pain that she underwent allowed her to recognize her true potential and gift as an artist. Kristle channels the grief of losing her mother into creativity. She customizes exquisite wreaths that narrate the story of her mother’s life Her work radiates the pain that followed her mother’s death.

Each wreath designed is given a special name by Kristle. With passing days, she is working on improvising her skill, aiming for perfection. She motivates others to be patient in times of suffering as the world and its suffering are temporary. Through unhindered belief in God and remaining steadfast one can overcome any difficulty in life. Every wreath she designs is a portrayal of her mother’s life, legacy, and womanhood. They display her warm grace that brings love and joy into isolated hearts. Her favor reigns! It flows from Du to her girls. Kristle’s wreaths are a visual representation of gifts of joy that one earns as life proceeds. 

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Wreath Collection  

A Dove’s Grace

She will visit with warm grace bringing peace into our lonely days. She will fill our hearts with love as she knows there’s an empty space. A message of hope sent only from her as she leaves behind a soft white feather known for her spirit to guide us!

Her Favor Reigns!

You see Favor flows from the head down as her tears flow down to water those seeds that were planted to blossom for our future. Her heart beat would triple so we could remain strong, her prayers were powerful so we would remain safe, and her love …oh, how sweet and precious for us not to forget. Her Favor trickled down to her girls showing we have the same mighty God!

DU’s Grace

Life is a journey we walk to embrace all the gifts of joy, not material gifts but the gifts of grace. We don’t realize what those gifts are until we are brave enough to search our chest box to use such gifts to fulfill our purpose.

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