Announcing the Launch of the Eastern European Institute for Trade

Washington, D.C. – Jun 17, 2022 – The Eastern European Institute for Trade, a Washington, D.C.-based multilateral and multinational trade-focused think tank, was formed out of the economic devastation of the COVID pandemic and against the backdrop of the Russian attack on Ukraine. Our mission is to revitalize local economies and expedite job creation by reigniting international trade strategies between the United States, our European allies, and beyond.

We work with Eastern European embassies, Ministries of Trade, Ministries of Energy, United States Congress, and regional commercial sector stakeholders to stimulate and accelerate trade engagement and collaborations that offer economic expansion and security at this critical time in history.

“The Eastern European Institute for Trade and its programs are designed to assist embassies and trade missions in attracting and accelerating American – European trade and commerce introductions and networking.” explains EEIT’s executive director Joseph Baran, “Each strategy is custom-tailored to the unique specifications of our members and stakeholders. We strategize with our diplomatic network to expedite and optimize international connectivity with members.”

Multinational strategies the Eastern European Institute for Trade offers commercial organizations are:

  • International Government Relations support and representation
  • Direct access to international trade summits throughout the United States and Europe
  • Direct exploratory and commercial access to infrastructure projects globally
  • Infrastructure project finance solutions
  • Robust international fellows program with turnkey global access and international business development
  • Embassy and Congressional roundtables that educate and advise on niche-focused international trade
  • Whitepaper research and briefings
  • International trade missions and trade associations partnership programs
  • And much more!

The Eastern European Institute for Trade is a different kind of think tank. We’re hyperfocused on creating successful multinational trade engagements, strategic alliance-building, accelerated commercial enterprise globalization, and job creation in the United States, Eastern Europe, and beyond. Our programs are strategically designed to expedite the path of synergistic multilateral trade across multiple commercial sectors through infrastructure project packaging, strategic alliance formations, and stakeholder networking events and summits.

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About the Eastern European Institute for Trade:

Our mission is to act as a strategic conduit that offers commercial enterprises a dependable multi-faceted approach, and direct trajectory to accelerated trade and economic development between American organizations and our Eastern European allies. Through EEIT’s trade missions, fellows programs, trade summits, and regional economic organization and trade association partnership programs, we are continuously raising the bar for meaningful international government relations, and results-driven multinational trade strategies.‚Äč

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