Launch of the 21 Day Challenge for Parkinson’s Caregivers, Bringing Peace of Mind and Easing Burnout

June 30, 2022 – Seabury House, a new company formed to provide excellent support to the caregivers of people diagnosed and living with Parkinson’s disease proudly announces the launch of a new product “21 Day Parkinson’s Caregiver Challenge.”

The challenge is a series of 21 short daily emails, designed to take a very short time (about 10 to 20 minutes) to complete. Subscribers read the email and apply the concepts and principles throughout their caregiving day. This email challenge is one of a series of supportive products that are specific to what caregivers need as they care for a partner who has Parkinson disease.

“After my husband’s death at age 84, I decided to share the things I’d discovered with other caregivers. Applying what I’d learned in my work with adults who lived with brain injuries and developmental difficulties helped me, and I realized these things would help other caregivers too,” says Terri Pease of Seabury House.

The challenge reverses beliefs that hamper caregivers from doing what so many people recommend, to “take care of yourself.” Once the challenge is complete the series of emails are theirs to keep. This challenge will help restore the sense of calm and balance despite the stress of care giving. Subscriber Greta reported that she “realized it’s ok to take care of myself and not feel guilty or selfish or greedy.”

Seabury House, is an outgrowth of Terri Pease, Ph.D.’s long experience caring for her husband, whose Parkinson’s had gone on for 22 years. They produce meditations, publications and programs for Parkinson’s caregivers and have a forthcoming book titled “Your Parkinson’s Life: A Realistic Guide for Caregivers”. The book aims to give Parkinson’s Caregivers a deeper look at the things they can do to support their partners and themselves throughout the course of the disease.

The 21-day Parkinson’s Caregiver Challenge is available on the Seabury House website (, along with information about the forthcoming guide.

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