Introducing Project Kaito by Michael Chasteen, an NFT & anime series that’s on a mission to end world hunger and spread light on mental health



Accomplished art director and writer Michael Chasteen, has launched Project Kaito, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project, featuring anime series, with the ultimate goal of ending world hunger and giving hope to the hopeless.

NFTs are undoubtedly having a moment. They are the new form of art investment with creators of NFT art, including artists, gamers and brands across the spectrum of culture. They are so valuable that CryptoPunk #9998, part of a collection of 10,000 NFTs, “sold” for $530 million.

It’s the most expensive NFT ever sold, at least on paper, and it’s not the only successful case with many more artists making headlines; the market is proving to be a growing opportunity.

However, it is somewhat iconic and visionary that Michael Chasteen’s purpose for the Project Kaito NFT is enshrined in the nobility of primarily providing food for kids while also advancing blockchain technology.

Indeed, Michael and his team are on a noble quest because available statistics suggest that 663 million people globally are undernourished. 22% of children younger than five are ‘stunted’ – they are significantly shorter than the average for their age due to poor nutrition or repeated infection. 9% of the world population – around 697 million people – are severely food insecure.

Additionally, Michael Chasteen declared that Project Kaito will have 7777 in its supply with a free Minting price, keeping with its goal of helping those in need. ”Our main mission is ending world hunger and giving hope to the hopeless. Thirty percent of all sales will be donated to ‘Feed the Children’ and Mental Health charities.

“I want the world to come together through our different views and I won’t stop until no child goes to sleep hungry”, said Michael.

Project Kaito was launched in April of this year, and has already hit 40,000 followers on Twitter. The project’s anime series has recruited American singer, and actor, Jason Paige—best known for singing the first theme song for the English version of the Pokémon television—series as the voice of its main character with Julie Garnyé from Disney’s Tinkerbell co-starring alongside Jason.

Michael Chasteen himself is a perfect microcosm of the Kaito project. With a possibility of appearing on Forbes 30 under 30 list, the former core tact officer on NBC’s Chicago P.D. is already established in his field, which further shows this project is all about his selflessness and altruism.

“My main inspirations are some of the most impactful creators and visionaries that this world has seen. Steve Jobs being one of my main inspirations, I’ll always strive to be one of the most impactful individuals in my lifetime.”

Indeed, Michael draws sound influence from Steve Jobs’ quote:“Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.”

“I’m going to change the world forever and bring everyone together through our different views,” said Michael Chasteen.

Michael Chasteen is not alone on this project. He has with him, a team of like-minded and incredibly gifted personnel in the persons of Jake Lee (Project Admin), Tobi Allen (Project Advisor), Bewise (Outreach Director) and Jonathan Rondez (Head Mod), all working as a unit to achieve the mission and vision of project Kaito.

Nft enthusiasts who want to experience the nobility of the Project Kaito community while staying on top of everything can do so by joining the project’s Discord channel (

Others who wish to learn more about Project Kaito can do so by visiting the website.

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