A Florida Mediation and Arbitration Firm, the Mediation Group, Launched a New Website

The Mediation Group, a Florida-based firm, recently launched a new website offering current and potential clients and a wider audience extensive online content related to mediation and arbitration.

The website provides readers with articles and resources on various legal topics, including workers’ compensation disputes, commercial disputes, malpractice disputes, divorce mediation, and personal injury insurance disputes.

Regularly updated content helps visitors learn about the mediation and arbitration process and how they can benefit from entrusting their dispute resolution to a neutral third party. The website offers an insight into the firm’s professionalism, providing readers with information about how the Mediation Group’s experts deal with everyday cases with integrity while adhering to the highest ethical standards.

About The Mediation Group

The Mediation Group team comprises certified mediators and arbitrators from various professional backgrounds.

Howard Scheiner is a founding member of the Mediation Group. He served as a Judge of Compensation of Claims, acquiring extensive expertise in workers’ compensation, personal injury, and employment disputes. With over 30 years of experience, Mr. Scheiner offers multidisciplinary subject matter knowledge and top-notch mediating skills.

Apart from him, the Mediation Group prides itself on a lineup of distinguished mediation and arbitration experts: Ken Kugler, Mark Zientz, Andrew Bucher, Hon. Geraldine Hogan, W. James Condry, Hon. Robert D. McAliley, May Porraspita, and Annette Cannon.

The Mediation Group provides services in the following practice areas:

Workers’ Compensation – Ensuring those injured in workplace accidents receive fair and just reimbursement through settling or arbitration.

Employment Disputes – Facilitating negotiations or resolving the conflict between an employer and an employee in arbitration. Providing employees with legal assistance in resolving disputes originating from various breaches of employment contracts, including compensation, benefits, sick leave, vacation, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, terminations, and harassment in the workplace.

Commercial Disputes – Mediating commercial disputes arising from breaches of business contracts or violations of fiduciary duty. Helping parties negotiate their differences in partnership disputes, product liability disputes, intellectual property disputes, insurance coverage, LLC members disputes, antitrust, class action lawsuits, contractor and subcontractor disputes, commercial property disputes, and shareholder and non-compete clause disputes.

Malpractice Disputes – Settling professional malpractice disputes through mediation or arbitrating malpractice disputes, including medical, legal, architectural, or accounting malpractice. Ensuring the parties enjoy the benefits of neutral, informal, and confidential dispute resolution mechanisms.

Divorce Mediation – Making sure disputed spouses go through a divorce timely and cost-effectively using alternative dispute resolution methods. Instead of financially and emotionally draining court procedures, enabling spouses and their children a stress-free process and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Personal Injury Insurance Disputes – Mediating and arbitrating disputes stemming from personal injuries resulting from wrongful acts of a responsible person. Helping policyholders receive financial reimbursement from insurance carriers.

The Mediation Group experts dedicate themselves to providing clients in Florida with countless benefits of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Their newly launched website enables residents of Florida to learn how to avoid costly and ineffective litigation and reap the benefits of out-of-court dispute resolution tools.

Contact Information

For more information, please call 954-474-8700 or visit their new website (https://themediationgroupinc.com).

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