The MoneyVerse + Life Club NFT Collection Elevates NFT Art Collectibles to Another Level

The MoneyVerse + Life Club Video NFT Collection does what few or no NFT art collection is doing currently. Instead of the usual collection of unique art pieces that buyers can  use mainly as their profile picture (PFP) on social  media, it consists of 6,168  unique art videos that also  provide useful and important lessons about money and life. At the same time, it also  preserves the image of paper and metal currencies for future generations to learn from as all of their money will eventually be in digital form only. This makes the collection also  a valuable historical record about money and life.

In this collection, lawyer and magician Shaun Tan, through a series of short performances lasting between 13 – 30 seconds per MoneyVerse + Life video, demonstrates what money really is, how it can  be created from thin  air, how  it can  be quickly multiplied and how  it affects (doesn’t affect) our  daily lives and/or our  actions, and more.

“With videos, viewers will learn about money and life in a way that is quite different from a static art pieces,” said  Tan. “And since they are only a few seconds long, viewers will get the gist of the money and life lessons very quickly.  They also  make NFTs useful beyond just their art.”

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Each of the 6,168  videos is made unique through a combination of Tan’s traits and thousands of open-source life imageries created by other amazing artists all over the world. In addition, the MoneyVerse + Life Club Video NFT Collection shows a real human as the main character with no ape, dog, cat or other animal characters in sight — thus differentiating it even more from many current collections.

In addition, owners of the video collection will automatically become members of the MoneyVerse + Life Club. Their NFTs will be the keys to unlock the MoneyVerse + Life Club website for more in-depth lessons about money and life, with continuous contributions and insights over time from various money and life experts all over the world.

Will the MoneyVerse + Life Club Video NFT collection be the start of a new trend of thousands of unique videos in an NFT collection? “Well, it’s several orders of magnitude harder to create thousands of unique videos instead of thousands of unique graphics as there is a lot of manual work involved. It took  my team and I six months to complete it,” said  Tan. “So this difficulty  will also  likely make the MoneyVerse + Life Video NFT Collection one of the few that exist in this form, if not the only one, which  should make it more valuable to collectors.”

The NFT collectibles space is evolving. With the MoneyVerse + Life Club Video NFT Collection, beautiful art is combined with entertainment, life education and history to make something that is truly unique and valuable in more ways than one.

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