WarDefi – A Cutting-Edge 3D Crypto Shooter Game Is Ready To Make Waves In Play-To-Earn Industry

With technology and game-play built to change how NFTs will be licensed, collected, and sold in the gaming world, WarDefi is shaking up this market like no other.

The ever-growing popularity of computer games, paired with the internet’s vast potential, allows everyone to compete directly against one another on a global scale. As a result, blockchain and NFT-based shooting games have emerged over the past few years and are currently attracting the most attention. Blockchain technology can completely change how games are created and managed, and NFTs have emerged as the new standardized token for game assets.

From epic battles within augmented reality to resource harvesting and production of unique in-game items, WarDeFi, a 3D blockchain action war game, is a breakthrough combination ready to be launched in 2023. Character summoning will be available in September, and NFT character upgrades will be available before the game starts. WarDeFi combines several market-proven game engines and models, through which any player’s gaming activity or in-game items can be converted into real profit.

The Play-to-Earn Crypto shooting game provides NFT character upgrades, weapon and equipment upgrades, crafting, trading, and more. Come and feel the modern graphics of game-play and become a real hero. Connecting with up to 10 players on one server also provides room for new types of entertainment that have almost endless possibilities.

Nowadays, when gamers buy virtual assets, they are not expensive compared to real-world values. The value of the equipment vanishes over time, but the money spent in a game is converted into real money. This is where WarDefi comes in. WarDefi will show the world how investing in crypto goes beyond just numbers in front of a computer screen: it’s real life!

WarDeFi is a revolutionary ready-made gaming ecosystem with a goal to build the next big gaming community of the new generation, where all actions of users determine their value and gaming skills. Everything is recorded in the blockchain for every significant transaction, from buying and selling to resources spent.

WarDefi will be an ever-growing ecosystem of games and upgrades, which will always be intrinsically tied to the token value. It is a fun, complex, and rewarding model for regular players who enjoy shooter video games but also a gratifying experience for players and collectors who enjoy collecting and upgrading their characters to be able to face more complex challenges or show achievements in an open and transparent ecosystem.

The game is built on COFFE- a Gamefi NFTs platform that unites all the leading cryptocurrencies into one chain. Join the crypto gaming revolution by playing WarDeFi, a Play-to-Earn Crypto shooting game with a blockchain-based twist. Dive into the world of WarDefi, try to survive on the harsh land, upgrade equipment and weapons, trade with others, and earn rewards.

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