BioBottles is the World’s First Fully Biodegradable Bottle Packaging Solution for the Nutraceutical And Pharmaceutical Industry

Introducing BioBottles with built-in Plastic IQ Technology that turns ordinary plastic bottles into a biodegradable material at the end of its useful shelf life.

The nutritional and pharmaceutical industries play a significant role in the plastic pollution problem, equating to billions upon billions of plastic bottles being disposed of yearly. On average, only about 30% of these bottles are ever recycled. The other 70% make their way into landfills, and even worse rivers, lakes, streams, oceans, and parks, taking up to 400+ years to break down. When they eventually do, these plastic wastes leave behind a permanent, irreversible trail of chemical pollution that can be found in drinking water, fish and foods we eat.

Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious around issues such as global warming, so the need to reduce our dependency on plastic is at an all time high. BioBottles™, the world’s first fully biodegradable nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical-grade plastic bottle, offers an eco-conscious and sustainable solution.

BioBottles™ has overcome the challenge of developing a sustainable packaging solution with its groundbreaking proprietary Plastic IQ™ Technology that transforms ordinary plastic bottles into a more earth-friendly material. Exposure to UV light, oxygen, and heat in an open environment activates the technology. BioBottles™ begins to bio-assimilate or transform into a material that is no longer plastic, allowing it to be consumed by bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms in the natural environment. Fully degraded BioBottles™ does not leave behind any micro-plastics, only oxygen, carbon dioxide, and renewable organic materials.

BioBottles™ looks and feels like traditional plastic bottles and functions similarly but with the added benefit of being good for the planet. It is lightweight and 100% recyclable. The product maintains the same high-quality standards required by the pharmaceutical and nutritional packaging industries. It is designed to keep contents fresh for five years or more, protecting them during storage, transport, and distribution. The bottles have a stable five-year shelf life and are safe for long-term contact with any food type. They are Food Grade and FDA compliant.

BioBottles™ is uniquely positioned to reduce the harmful environmental impact traditional bottles have on the planet. Moreover, it is competitively priced, underscoring the fact that being environmentally responsible doesn’t have to be expensive. BioBottles™ is a cost-effective solution to the rapidly intensifying plastic pollution and a step towards a safer planet for the next generations.

“This is a true game-changer for the nutritional and pharmaceutical packaging industry. BioBottles will help eliminate billions of bottles from landfills, oceans, rivers, streams, and parks,” says the team behind BioBottles™.

The product has also passed the usual ecotoxicity tests based on OECD standards. They are non-toxic on land and water, meeting and exceeding industry standards for safety and quality.

All BioBottles™ are manufactured in the US in a state-of-the-art multi-million-dollar facility. It gives clients confidence in the caliber of their products and affords them significant savings on time, shipping, and importation costs.

BioBottles™ comes in a variety of bottle sizes, from 50cc to 1250cc, and multiple tub sizes in several colors (white, gray, brown amber, and black and custom colors as well), including lids, to suit diverse nutraceutical and pharmaceutical packaging needs.

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