Late July Returns With Some Nostalgic Alternative Electronic Pop

Late July started off the spring back with her own take of Heart-Shaped Box, the 90’s hit from the cult band Nirvana and the classic Name by Goo-Goo Dolls. The relatively stripped back versions gives a fresh sound to the song, and her vocals seem to complement the mood perfectly. The production is not overdone, featuring a light arrangement of instruments that supports a dark and eerie theme.

Although Late July has been writing and producing songs for some time, it seems that now might be the ideal time for her to rise further in the limelight as an artist because her style of sound has perhaps become more relevant in recent years. With the likes of Billie Eilish bringing electronic pop to dizzy heights of recognition, there’s elements of Late July that aren’t too dissimilar. 

Having already developed a keen underground fan base of listeners and followers who are driven by her orchestral pop arrangements, this generally gives an alternative sound from the norm, and delivers something fresh to the pop scene. I could imagine fans of Lana Del Rey would be impressed with the sound and style too.

As a singer-songwriter, producer, writer, philanthropist and actress Late July is able to express herself through her music in the most genuine form, and she’s definitely one to watch for the future.

Late July is the bedroom orchestral pop name of singer-songwriter and producer Nicole Simone. Forming her sound between Toronto and Los Angeles, her spectral approach to songwriting and producing with her evocative vocal styles has drawn comparisons to St. Vincent, Lana Del Rey, Beirut and Phoebe Bridgers. 

Her red hair, dramatic looks and her love of cinema translates into her music witg powerful orchestral arrangements, often whimsical strings and harrowing trumpets that leave you on a beach or in the darkness of a damp city street. Her lyrics are often heartfelt look into Late July’s world of the weird, the sad and the wonderful.

Late July’s next release Sober (co-produced by Jessica Taylor) is set to come out this summer. It’s described as dreamy 80’s pop inspired by Kate Bush, Gowan and a hunt of west coast vibes.

You can listen to Late July’s recent music here.

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