Cody Garbrandt Dives Into The NFT Space With UFC Insider Experiences

With over 2.7 million followers on Instagram the crowd-puller Bantamweight champion, Cody Garbrandt aka NoLove NFT to be soon launched, holders of which get a distinctive chance of spending time with their idol.

NFTs are revolutionizing the world at a very rapid speed. This can be seen through their amalgamation into every other sector like music, arts, and sports. One of these sports to recently incorporate NFTs into its system is UFC. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is an American mixed martial arts promoting company based in Las Vegas. Over the years the competition taking place has brought deft champions into the spotlight. One such skilled martial artist to make it to the top is Cody Garbrandt.  With over 2.7 million followers on Instagram, Cody has managed to secure titles of UFC Bantamweight Champion and UFC star.

Cody emits an aura that allures people to him and into the UFC world. Cody Garbrandt aka No Love has maintained an unhindered win streak. His passion and dedication to his work together with an impeccable win record have won him innumerable fans from around the globe. A new NFT project coming from the former world champion is bound to attain a great deal of attention from fanatics as well as the general public. An opportunity for No Love fans to meet their idol is being imparted under the Money Can’t Buy offer. Fanatics of NoLove get a sublime opportunity to fly to Las Vegas, stay in a luxurious hotel, get to spend time with Cody, and watch a UFC game together. The cost of all this is covered under the Money can’t buy offer. The offer also includes signed books, exclusive merchandise, discount, codes, for partners, NFT prints, and above all, a one-time opportunity for fans to join Cody at the renowned UFC performance institute and relish a workout session with him. This offer can be won by collecting and holding all 25 phenomenal NoLove NFTs. Collection of 22 NFTs starts the UFC unlocks.  

Cody Garbrandt is an accomplished, professional MMA fighter who contests in the Bantamweight division. What makes him distinctive is his swift hands and knockout power. His sudden and consecutive burst of feints not only make his fights breath-taking but have helped him attain a knockout ratio of 83%. After his amazing recuperation from injury and losses, Cody has set out again to regain his position as the UFC Bantamweight Champion. Cody hails from central Appalachian, Ohio, an untamed area the streets of which are dominated by drugs and fighting. His wild surroundings turned him into a survivor and helped pave the path toward his life goal. His vision became crystal clear when he reached the age of 20. Cody’s brother introduced him to Maddux Maple, a 5-year-old, beat down by cancer and clinging on to dear life. Cody made a pact with Maddux. They both promised to win their life battles and return triumphant one day. That is exactly what happened. Cody became world champion and Maddux won his fight against cancer.

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