Safe Trade Binary Options Reveals The Top 5 American States Most Interested In Bitcoin

After a deep analysis of Google trends for the last 12 months, the knowledge-based platform was able to identify the top states with the most active bitcoin investors, as well as those least interested in cryptocurrencies

July 1st, 2022 – Safe Trade Binary Options has released a list detailing the top five American states most interested in Bitcoin. The company issued a statement revealing that it had spent valuable resources reviewing and analyzing Google trends over the past 12 months, to help it understand forex trading trends and determine which states have the most Bitcoin investors.

According to the report, Nevada has the most people interested in Bitcoin in America, scoring an impressive 100, with investors mostly divided among Las Vegas, Salt Lake City UT, and Reno. While there are several factors responsible, Safe Trade Binary Options believes that residents in Nevada – Las Vegas to be precise, are more attuned to the risky nature of trading due to their strong relationship with gambling.

In second place is California, with the second-highest score of 97, thanks mostly to San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose CA; Los Angeles CA; and San Diego CA. After which Honolulu HI puts Hawaii at the number three spot with an equally impressive score of 90. 

Investors in West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, and Ft. Myers-Naples usher reserved the number four spot for Florida with a high score of score 88. While New York and Philadelphia combined to give New Jersey a score of 88 to place it at number five.

Other states less interested in Bitcoin are South Dakota with a score of 47, Arkansas with 46, Kentucky with 46, 42 for Delaware, Mississippi with 40, and West Virginia with 32. 

Although Bitcoin recently tumbled to 18,000 USD which provided heated conversations regarding its reliability, analysts are still divided on what the future holds for the digital asset and whether Bitcoin will recover and grow or die forever. A spokesperson for Safe Trade Binary Options commented on the findings:

“We continue to see how the fall of SP-500 impacts the more extensive fall of Bitcoin and the whole crypto market. This volatility will continue because of the unstable situation with the supply of raw materials and the war in Ukraine. The last world crisis was in 2008, or almost 14 years ago. So the average period of a world crisis in human history is around 5-10 years. Bitcoin was born in 2008 at the cost of almost nothing. The man was paid 10,000 Bitcoins for the two pizzas, today worth over $190 million. The world financial crisis has not changed since that time and we can currently see Bitcoin suffer from fluctuations in the world economy without falling. Bitcoin might save the world economy by taking these hits. Who knows?”

Through his Twitter handle, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, published a summary of the history of Bitcoin, highlighting how the coin’s value keeps dropping every two or three years, only to return better than ever. In 2011, Bitcoin fell below the $20 mark, below $200 in 2015, below $2000 in 2017, and now below $20,000 in 2022.

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