RenderQuiz offers a secure cloud-based quiz, exam, test, and assessment platform for grading staff and students anywhere, anytime.

RenderQuiz offers a secure cloud-based quiz, exam, test, and assessment platform that enables individuals, organizations, and educational institutions to grade staff and students anywhere, anytime.

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Based out of Lagos, Nigeria, RenderQuiz is a web-based application designed to take the pain out of grading staff and students. RenderQuiz’s secure cloud-based portal allows entities from individuals and corporations to educational institutions to easily set up quizzes, exams, tests, and assessments anywhere, anytime via their preferred digital device. The platform offers three subscription options – free, standard, and enterprise.

“Evaluating your staff or students is essential to determine their performance and competency. Our mission is to streamline the grading process by enabling you to create and manage your quizzes, exams, tests, and assessments digitally. Our cutting-edge tool further helps you score and rate the results in record time, helping to speed up the evaluation process,” explains the co-founder of RenderQuiz, Simeon Inyene Peter.

“RenderQuiz offers various formats – from multiple-choice questions to essay-type questions – to help you set up the quiz, test, or assessment that best suits your grading needs. If you’re looking to quickly measure your employees’ or learners’ performance or competency, adding a multiple-choice section is recommended. If you’re looking to make a more in-depth evaluation, our essay-type format is the perfect option,” continues Simeon.

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RenderQuiz has three available subscription options from which users can choose. These range from a free subscription option that allows users to try the platform on a free trial basis to a paid enterprise subscription option that will enable users to access the unlimited quiz, test, exam, and assessment templates and formats for an unlimited number of participants.

Other compelling features offered by RenderQuiz include a question bank, where invigilators and assessors can source question ideas, an instant certificate download, plus the ability to brand or customize quizzes, exams, tests, and assessments, as well as the ability to email the results to participants. 

The platform also offers secure encryption with the potential to set up passwords and IP restrictions to prevent cheating, and public and private modes, depending on the grading situation.

“Quizzes, tests, exams, and assessments are a vital evaluation tool for teachers, tutors, and trainers. And RenderQuiz is the robust all-in-one platform designed to be your perfect grading partner, allowing you to create quizzes, tests, exams, and assessments in different formats with ease using any internet-enabled device and process them in record time,” concludes Simeon.

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RenderQuiz is an advanced quiz maker platform with powerful, customizable features which help teachers, tutors, trainers and instructors to create online tests, quizzes and exams for employees or students. It is ideal for corporations, educational institutions or users looking to set quizzes to create a learning ambience.

If you are looking for a test generator and exam creator software or a web-based quiz maker, RenderQuiz fits your needs.

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