How Patience Went From Poverty to Being a Personal Finance Influencer

The amazing grass-to-grace story of one woman who fought her way up from the depths of poverty to now helping others with their finances.

Not everybody knows how to manage their finances. In fact, financial mismanagement is one of the major problems plaguing a significant percent of the population. This inability to properly handle one’s personal finance tends to lead to severe consequences but now and in the future, if nothing is done to correct the path. Patience once found herself in such a situation.

In her own words, “I spent the first half of my twenties making all the money mistakes. Racking up debt, not contributing to retirement, and not saving for the future because I figured that future me could figure it out while I just worked on surviving.” She didn’t find anything odd with this mindset because she noticed that everyone around her was doing the same thing. 

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However, her poor choices were leaving her stressed with barely any money to afford the life that she dreamt about. Her issue was further worsened by the fact that she had no savings at all. It was at this point that Patience knew that something had to change.

After having an honest conversation with herself about her situation, Patience immediately set about implementing personal finance strategies that will take her out of the clutches of poverty. These strategies did not just free her from living paycheck to paycheck, they also ensured that she had enough money to fund her goals and dreams.

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Not content with just using them for herself, Patience has now set off to help other people in her former situation strive towards their financial goals. Her website, lawbooksandlattes, chronicles the many pieces of wisdom that helped her on her financial journey. She also has thousands of teeming followers on Instagram to whom she shares useful personal finance tips.

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