From Pico do Jaragua to Christ the Redeemerr: missionaries will walk 700 miles carrying a Cross

Three missionaries from three nationalities, all former Army veterans, will carry the Cross symbolizing the saving sacrifice of Jesus Christ, in 700 combined miles, for 21 days, praying for passersby in 15 cities along the Sao Paulo – Rio de Janeiro route.

Leaving the capital of Sao Paulo, three missionaries and former Army veterans will take the message of Jesus Christ and Salvation through Grace to 15 cities and millions of people on the So Paulo-Rio de Janeiro route, embracing with this great action the two largest Brazilian megacities. 

Joshua John Fitch, American missionary with ministries located in Sao Paulo and Florida, Evangelist Mikael Enevoldsen, American-Danish with ministry in California, and Pastor Fernando Leal, Brazilian with operations in Sao Paulo, will carry the empty Wooden Cross together, symbolizing redemption. by the Lord Jesus Christ, 700 miles combined,, on foot, for 21 days.

The action will start at the Mount of Adoration and Prayer of Jaraguá, next to Pico do Jaraguá, the highest point in the city of Sao Paulo, where a team led by Pastor Joshua and Pastor Sidney Felipe, built a baptism tank available for the population. Monte also hosts vigils and prayer groups, as well as Christians who want to pray alone and connect with the Lord in private. 

A Thanksgiving service will be held on July 2nd at 2:00 pm, before the missionaries leave, celebrating the completion of the tank for various communities to perform baptism and souls to be taken to Jesus.

During the 21 days of walking, the three missionaries will travel through 15 cities on the Sao Paulo – Rio de Janeiro route, and the action will be broadcast live on the Joshua John Ministries Facebook channel. In addition, missionaries and ministry staff will broadcast live streams of prayer and interviews related to missionary and evangelistic work. An intercession cell will be daily praying for the action and for the people who ask for prayer on the Ministry’s Facebook page. This cell is led by Lúcia Targino, in Vila Maria. In the last marches of the American Joshua John in Brazil, the United States and Indonesia, the onlookers and passersby were positively impacted by the message, taking pictures, recording videos and asking for prayers.

About Joshua John Ministries

Pastor and Evangelist Joshua John Fitch is an American, Army veteran, and after years of working with major American sports teams and events such as the Chicago Bulls, Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies, and New York Giants, overseeing NFL contracts and NBA, went through a traumatic event that brought him closer to Jesus Christ. Since then, his faith has renewed him and he has carried the message of the Cross around the world. Since 2017 Joshua has been walking with a Wooden Cross, marching for the spiritual conquest of territory, in the United States, Indonesia and Brazil. In his walk in favor of the action he called “Silence the Violence”, the missionary carried the Cross for more than 200 miles and managed to attract great repercussions in the American press and social networks. 

His wife, Stephany Ibrahim Fitch, is also a Pastor in the Ministry and has led cells in countries of persecuted Christians such as Indonesia; today, she is the Marketing Director of Glorify, a Christian devotional app with more than 3 million downloads in Portuguese-speaking countries. The ministry of both has a strong presence in prayer, baptism, street evangelism and cell groups, bringing the message of salvation in Jesus Christ to those outside the great temples. Their ministry on Facebook, page named Joshua John Ministries, has more than 90,000 subscribers. 

The Ministry in the Brazilian and American Press: -violence-campaign/1373534100/ nation-world/tragedy-in-sutherland-springs-brings-people-from-all-over-looking-to-offer-help

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