The way vStack & VMware helped to make Netooze No.1 in terms of performance

ITGLOBAL.COM LABS was responsible for developing the hyper-converged platform known today as vStack, designed for use in an enterprise setting. The FreeBSD operating system, bhyve hypervisor, and ZFS file system are some of the leading Open Source technologies utilized in the platform, a unified architecture of software-defined data center modules.

Netooze vStack possesses great performance, particularly at the networking stack level, as a result of the synergistic effect that these technologies have on one another. In its most basic form, this platform is a less expensive substitute for VMware.

Netooze vStack makes it possible to rapidly boost the power of a virtual private server (VPS) by augmenting its CPU, RAM, and solid-state storage capacity. Intel Xeon Scalable v2 central processing units and high-speed memory storage with an IOPS rating of up to 30,000 are responsible for the system’s impressive overall performance.

It is impossible to oversell on Netooze cloud because each client fully uses the computational capabilities provided by each virtual server. If the physical server fails, the virtual private server (VPS) will automatically restart on the replacement physical host. This is among the benefits of the Netooze cloud platform.



Netooze objectives are simple, to create an option for existing enterprise collection and virtualization solutions and hyper-converged platforms, using product lines such as hyper-converged and storage platforms, which will be developed as part of the project.

A scale-out software design model served as the primary source of motivation for the development of the first goals. This model eliminated the need for costly multi-tier fault tolerance methods for a single cell, which was the root cause of costly cell configuration. Also, while mature corporate products have ridiculous complexity in the present day, which prevents customers from moving in quickly, Netooze Vstack keeps things straightforward.


  • They offer a sturdy output. The progression of technology, as opposed to some showy new phenomenon, is the foundation upon which evolution is built.
  • Solutions that are out of the ordinary. They are difficult to implement, but the results are excellent to a recognizable degree.
  • A team that is both powerful and knowledgeable. Without The Team, which is capable of giving life to unimaginable concepts, the aforementioned are nothing more than empty words.


In 2018, a venture initiative known as vStack was launched with financial backing from the ITGV fund. One of the ITGLOBAL.COM cloud partners, known as Netooze, as an option for VMwareTM® backend, implemented vStack at Netooze data centers, where the company operates as a cloud provider.

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