Introducing WhatsTpd, a company specializing in the manufacture and processing of watch winders with a quality management system

WhatsTpd is a company specializing in manufacturing and processing watch winders, watch boxes, safes and other products with a complete and scientific quality management system.

Broken down for the uninitiated, watch winders are devices with an electrical motor that automatically winds wrist watches when they are not worn. They serve to maintain a wristwatch in working condition and ensure it’s ready for use at any moment. Additionally, the watch winder provides a uniform oil distribution inside the watch. This ensures an optimum level of oiled fluidity of the watch movement even when it has not been worn for a long time.

WhatsTpd is poised and ready to provide exquisite watch winders for its clients. While other watch winder brands focus on aesthetics, WhatsTpd has taken its brand to the next level with the infusion of the latest technology and intelligent features. The WhatsTpd winders are made using a Mabuchi motor, safe and quiet, anti-porcelain design, and various winding methods complemented by a continuous and stable operation.

The company has a vast array of collections, watch winders, watch boxes, watch rolls and jewellery boxes on their e-commerce website. These range from the 92 and smart series to the touch screen series, watch boxes, and much more. Additionally, the company employs the use of quality materials proven to stand the test of time and the finest sustainably sourced materials, including hand-polished fine wood grain, piano lacquer shell, acrylic glass, anti-corrosion hardware, fine PU leather lining, Mabuchi motor, silent and anti-magnetic, and 5-mode rotary winding, to craft their boxes.

”We believe that buying an exquisite watch is just the beginning. What completes this great experience is finding the perfect home for your watch and your entire collection”, said an executive of the company.

Indeed, WhatsTpd delivers the finest technology-driven winders. The metal glass series watch winder with 3-layer security and anti-magnetic intelligent processor with ultra-low power consumption is a perfect example. This series uses a special watch winder battery, powerful battery life of 300 days, three-layer safety insulation, reinforced anti-magnetic energy collection, brushed metal plate to create a unique watch winder that will match the class of the company’s unique clients.

WhatsTpd is a customer-centric company with customer satisfaction at the epicentre of its services. The company’s values are enshrined in accuracy, performance, honesty and integrity. In its commitment to excel as leaders in the watch winder industry, WhatsTpd has undergone some positive changes within the company over the past few months. Today, they can proudly say they are the quintessential blend of efficacy and quality services that have set apart their business model, making them the one-stop destination for watch winders and boxes.

The first-class products and services of WhatsTpd have attracted rave reviews from its clients. The quality of the winders and boxes, the timely delivery of the products, and the company’s incredible customer service were significant talking points.

”I received the watch winder, it is perfect, it is really exquisite and looks very impressive. It feels excellent as a gift and has stronger functions. Anti-magnetic design, silent rotation and automatic stop when opening the lid, low power consumption function. The appearance is made of piano paint, which is very exquisite and durable. It is very convenient to use”, said an excited client, Fabian Laura.

To access the quality watch winders and boxes of WhatsTpd, check out the company’s ecommerce website at

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