Tamanneftegas Terminal Company Sponsors Art Exhibition

The Tamanneftegas terminal company has released a statement claiming that over 500 people have already attended the exhibition of local artists from the Kuban Region. The exhibition was organized with assistance from Oteko Group to acquaint the residents of Taman with the works of modern and classical artists native to the region.

Tamanneftegas, which took on the organization of the exhibition, has provided all the necessary assistance and media coverage of the exhibition dedicated to the works of such artists as Lyudmila and Vyacheslav Kotelevsky, Sergei Lymar, Vladimir Yakovlev, Alexei Parshkov and Igor Pugach. The presented works are diverse in both their genres and styles of execution, showcasing the rural landscapes of the region, scenes of everyday life, as well as throwbacks into the region’s rich history.

The spirit of the exhibition focuses on the essence of the Motherland and its meaning for each and every one of the artists. All of the artworks presented are steeped in a sense of familiarity that the attendees have repeatedly expressed after being exposed to the works. Many of the locals who have already attended the exhibition have stated that some of the works convey folk wisdom, while others stress the importance of protecting land and family as core values shared by the inhabitants of the region.

The port of Taman is an important location for the entire Taman Region, acting as a hub of public facilities and residential areas supported and maintained by Oteko Group Russia.

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