Gold and Silver – J W Korth Presents a New Way to Peg The Long Term Value of Precious Metals In the Face of Huge Market Declines

Markets Need A Reasonable Long Term Valuation for the Precious Metals. J W Korth Filters Out the Changes in Currency Values Over the Centuries and Uses Historical Basic Unskilled Labor Rates to Value Gold and Silver.

J W Korth & Company believes it has made an analytic breakthrough by assessing the long term average value of gold and silver against their historical costs in terms of days of basic unskilled labor.

“The biggest problem in determining the long term average value of gold is changes in monetary policies. You just can’t use currencies. The politicians and central banks have just changed them too much over the years. For our clients, we needed a new way to make a valuation. Fortunately, basic unskilled labor has not changed much over the centuries and rates are recorded in various sources from Pre-Christian Roman Times until the present. Using basic labor rates we can get a long term fix on value and translate to current markets” says James Korth Founder of J W Korth.

J W Korth addressed its new analytic process in its Fourth Quarter 2012 Account Management Report available at its web address: In this report it shows that it took about 97 days of unskilled labor at the time of Christ’s birth to earn an ounce of gold. By the Revolutionary War it was down to 84 days and by the Civil War it had dropped to 19 days. Since then the average is about 16 days.

Korth is completing its First Quarter 2013 Account Management Report and it is expected to be issued by the end of this week. This report will make a precise analysis for the modern era long term value of both gold and silver and make specific recommendations.

J W Korth & Company has been following gold since 1989 when it created American Gold Certificates. “Now more than ever people need a reasonable long term valuation for precious metals. We have been holding off recommending gold and silver to our clients for several years, but now, with the price declines and our new analytic tools, we may be very close to positively recommending gold and silver purchases” says David Panettiere, Managing Director of Sales.

About J W Korth & Company

J W Korth & Company is a full service investment bank founded in1982 and has represented the needs many major corporations and the United States Government. Korth serves a broad spectrum of institutional and high net worth retail investors and financial advisors with its strong execution capability and deep knowledge of the financial markets. Its primary expertise has always involved managing underwritings and dealing as a principal in all types of securities. The firm is a Broker Dealer, Financial Advisor and a member of FINRA, SIPC and the MSRB. Korth has offices in Miami, Los Angeles, Orlando, and Lansing and custodies and clears through RBC Capital Markets, Inc.

J W Korth & Company may act as a market maker and may have a long or short position at anytime in gold or silver related securities and may gain or lose money if gold or silver rise or fall in the marketplace.

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