A new application that changes the DEFI ecosystem Super-Xswap

Super-Xswap”, a multi-million dollar #DeFi project incubated by Thailand’s BO-ROMLOKNARD LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, will be launched soon!

Super-Xswap New design for the DEFI world to change the current problems of DEFI

At a time when UNiswap was being abandoned by most traders in the market due to high fees, Super-Xswap was widely reported in a technical paper by Dr. X. For the traditional DEX exchange, the expensive commission per trade and the lack of fairness of the CPMM mechanism have profoundly hindered the development of the DEFI industry. 

Dr. X innovatively proposed the concept of non-constant K-value for this reason.

Super-Xswap running on the TRX public chain

That is, UPMM’s market maker mechanism, a mechanism that reduces the risk of investors losing their capital when the market fluctuates dramatically. Also when a large amount of money is sold, it does not cause the price to fall below the issue price, and even accelerates the token’s rise. And Super-XSwap is using the market maker mechanism of UPMM. The emergence of this mechanism has made Super-Xswap quickly gain the attention of Wall Street and the Royal Thai Fund in a short period of time, and it has also brought a great impact in the global DEFI community, and many crypto enthusiasts keep joining its community.

Super’s commitment and action to change the world of DEFI

Super-Xswap adheres to Dr. X’s philosophy of freedom and continues to improve DAO’s community autonomy. During Super-Xswap’s release, the total amount of 1 billion, not a single token is kept in the hands of the team, all of them are allocated to community autonomy

They want to change the DEFI world with a more free and open attitude!

For early community members who participate in Super-Xswap will also receive more autonomy, i.e. free access to SXS airdrops, which is a continuation of Dr. X’s philosophy and a way of action for changing DEFI

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