Sadullah Bajrami; Lecturer, Regular Litigator, Activist and A Cleric with Values

Sadullah Bajrami was born in 1973 in Kumanovo, North Macedonia. He grew up in the village of Opajë, where he successfully and excellently completed elementary school. After primary school, he took the courage and from the age of 15 he left his family and his relatives and traveled to Turkey to the city of Bursa, where he had some of his relatives living and working there. Not spending a long time and at the same time looking for sound knowledge to teach him one of the most interesting topics and that is the Islamic religion, he made a plan to continue and travel to Sham or to the state of Syria.

There, Sadullah Bajrami as a young man began to learn the Arabic language until he joined the School called “Al-Furkan” then he moved to the school known as “El-Emenije” because of the high staff of teachers that this school possessed which was for the Arab lands a high school that lasted 7 full years and with a high category, then he returned to the “El-Furkan” school where he finished high school, because the diploma of this school at that time was most popular and most accepted in different universities.

After that, Almighty Allah enabled him to enroll in the University of al-Azhar, considering that the university is one of the oldest in the world. There he began his studies at the faculty called Usulud-din (Religion Foundations) where after two years he was determined to study and specialize in the science of hadith. After the university system had its fourth year completed in the capital of Egypt, Cairo, and the center of El-Ez’her University, it moved from Syria to the city of Cairo. As soon as Sadullah Bajrami begins to adapt to the city with 23 million inhabitants, which is a metropolis in the world since ancient history, he also completes the faculty of Usuludin, the branch of hadith. After he was mature or with a few years of experience in his direction, he enrolled in the American Open University (the name comes from the fact that it was founded in America) in Cairo to continue his career as a student or teacher in the Master’s category.

Since Sadullah Bajrami came out and until this moment only a long time had passed, since he as a student had come out to study the Islamic religion and so far, he has only managed to defend his master’s thesis, where he wrote a 300-page book about the faith of the first 3 generations of islam!

Sadullah Bajrami is the father of four children, he is a regular litigator at the Abdulkader Arnaut Mosque and an activist in contributing to the explanation of the Islamic religion in different countries. Hoxha has given many lectures, many of them have been recorded, while the number of Q&As held on the radio, internet, tribune, etc., reaches 10,000 (as far as I know, there may be more), probably half of them are recorded Theirs!

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