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Why drying a car is just as important as washing it

When on the road, everyone’s eyes tend to look at the famous car brands it can be a red Ferrari speeding up in the streets, or a classic black Lamborghini cruising downtown. But it’s not only these household brands that gather attention, sleek, clean, and well-detailed cars also take over the limelight. That is why every car owner knows how essential it is to get a car wash every now and then. However, an important detail is often missed and Spare Me the Detail is here to remind drivers that drying a car is just as important as washing it.

As an online store run by enthusiastic detailers and body shop guys who are passionate about cars themselves, the team at Spare Me the Detail know that a car must always be spotless after a run through an automatic car wash or a drive-up wash stand. It is only by drying that a car will be left perfect and sparkly after a deep clean. After all, good things or rather, a clean and spotless ride, comes to those who wait.

While air drying a car seems easier and convenient, it is likely that it will leave a residue behind. Just imagine the spots, streaks, and deposits that will be visible in the car right after having it washed. Truth be told, it can make it look worse and it is obvious when a car is in a dark-colored paint finish. Over time, these water spots can also cause damage to the paintwork, and it will be hard to remove. So, instead of having a perfectly clean ride, chances are, it will end up being an imperfect one.

To avoid the hassle of water spots and other damage, one must always remember the importance of drying a car after having it washed. Usually, clean chamois, a squeegee with a pliable rubber, or microfiber cloths can do the trick. Materials like these are effective in reducing small particles of dirt and other items that are left after a wash. At Spare Me the Detail, they have this Plush Car Washing Glove that is tailor-fit for achieving that professional polish for vehicle interiors and exteriors. Aside from its premium and comfortable craftsmanship, it can be used whether wet or dry, guaranteeing a great cleaning job, free from any residue.

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Spare Me the Detail is an online store of car merchandise founded by enthusiastic detailers and body shop guys.

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