CT Pain Treatment Center’s Dr. John Paggioli Featured In A Recent Online Interview

CT Pain Treatment Center's Dr. John Paggioli Featured In A Recent Online Interview

Dr John Paggioli
John Paggioli MD Tells It All in a New Interview Available Online

Dr. John Paggioli, a pain management specialist and founder at the Eastern CT Pain Treatment Center, was recently featured in an online interview. In the interview, Dr. Paggioli discusses his approach to reducing pain and the various treatment options available at the Treatment Center.

Dr. Paggioli begins by discussing the importance of taking a comprehensive approach to treating pain. He notes that, while there are many effective pain medications available, they should be used in conjunction with other treatments such as physical therapy, interventional treatment under fluoroscopy, and counseling. He also emphasizes the importance of working closely with a pain management specialist to ensure that all treatment options are being considered.

Next, Dr. Paggioli discusses the various treatment options available at the Eastern CT Pain Treatment Center. He notes that the Center offers a wide range of treatments, including medication management, interventional procedures, and referrals for chiropractic, psychology and physical therapy. He also describes the Center’s commitment to providing individualized care and notes that all treatment decisions are made with the input of the patient’s primary care physician or surgeon.

Dr. Paggioli also provides some advice for patients who are considering pain management treatment. He advises patients to be honest with their pain management specialist about their goals for treatment and to be realistic about what pain relief can realistically be achieved. He also urges patients to ask questions about all aspects of their care and to make sure they understand all of their treatment options before making any decisions.

The interview with Dr. John Paggioli provides valuable insights into the approach to pain management taken at the Eastern CT Pain Treatment Center. The Center’s commitment to providing individualized care and its wide range of treatment options make it an ideal choice for patients seeking relief from chronic pain.

When asked about his daily routine, Dr. Paggioli stated that when he meets a patient for the first time, he reviews all past records, and performs a thorough history and physical. He personally reviews MRI imaging to help discover the source of the pain and if anything has been missed. Some patients have several causes of pain, and he addresses each one. 

Dr. Paggioli noted that he is always available to answer questions from patients or their families and that he makes it a priority to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in pain management. When asked about his philosophy on pain management, Dr. Paggioli stated that he believes that pain is a complex condition that requires a comprehensive approach to treatment. The purpose of interventional treatments under fluoroscopy is to significantly reduce the pain in order to make physical therapy and meaningful activities more comfortable to perform. Meaningful activities help the patient increase their happiness and sense of accomplishment. Some patients don’t tolerate having any pain and continue to be inactive, even after significant reductions. Cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness treatment leads to better coping, and less fear of pain.

About Eastern CT Pain Treatment Center

The Eastern CT Pain Treatment Center is dedicated to providing individualized care for each and every patient. They offer a wide range of treatment options so that they can tailor a treatment plan to meet your specific needs. If you are suffering from chronic pain, obtain a referral to a pain management specialist who has completed a fellowship in pain management after their anesthesiology or physiatry training so that you can find the relief you need in order to get back to living your life.

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