Evan MacGuffie the influential youth speaker and rise of FFL Meditate

USA – July 9, 2022 – FFL Meditate is the fastest growing online platform catering to anxiety and stress related issues. Just after hitting COVID 19 the pandemic brought many people into social anxiety. FFL Meditate has been helping people to overcome their social anxiety. This platform has changed many people’s life by influencing through speaking and meditation therapy. 

“Mr. Evan MacGuffie is the founder of FF Meditate online platform.” 

He was born in 1996 in in Fairfield, CT. During his childhood and schooling life he had to face social anxiety disorder due to some bad friend circle and seen the worst stage of his life. In 2016 he started meditation for just 10 minutes, and this was the point when his life has changed again, he got a 4.0 GPA after that success followed him. MacGuffie completed his graduation with scholarship that time he mediated 1 hour.

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He started making travel Vlogs in 2017, and amazingly till 2018 MacGuffie completed 110+ Vlogs traveling and exploring 23 different countries around the world. In his Vlogs he promoted meditation therapy to bring people out from social anxiety. 

In the year 2020 COVID virus hit and affected many businesses and individuals badly. Many businesses were facing downfall quarantine impacted everyone’s life rising social anxiety issues. MacGuffie was working as a insurance sales agent that time however he knew the power of meditation therefore he decided to establish a platform providing help people in this difficult pandemic time through mediation therapy. That was the time when FFL Meditate website was formed and in the blink of an eye became very popular among Americans as well as around the world.

Mr. MacGuffie proudly announced in 2021

“FFL Meditate becomes a $1.3 million meditation website”

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The FFL MEDITATE is providing meditation to people from every walk of life especially insurance sales agents, students, youth, and adults. You can find MacGuffie on FFL meditate making sales agent learn how to overcome with social anxiety and earn a six-figure amount for themselves.

Meditation therapy and speech therapy are the methods using for making people’s mind and cognitive thinking enough strong so that they can overcome social anxiety and become a successful person in their respective fields.

Mr. MacGuffie proposed 10 benefits of good meditation

  • Rise in IQ

  • Stress Goes Down

  • Improve Achievements

  • Better Focus

  • Brain Integrity and Efficiency

  • Reduction in Depression and Anxiety

  • Reduction in Destructive Addiction (Drugs and Alcohol)

  • Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease 

  • Presence of Mind with Good Behaviour 

  • Provide Happy and Content Life

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