Kickstarter project launches new-age paper dolls designed to bring back imagination and inclusivity among kids

Megadolls introduces a charming paper doll collection with modern upgrades that allow more customization and also help to instill a sense of creativity and inclusivity in kids.

With laptops and tablets claiming most of their free time, 21st-century kids are losing out on creativity through play with dolls or figurines. But, a NY-based visionary company is looking forward to changing things for the better. Titled “Megadolls”, the company has recently launched the good old paper dolls on Kickstarter that come with a modern twist to nudge the sense of imagination and also inclusivity in little kids.

A welcome move in the contemporary play zone, the Megadolls paper doll collection comes with interchangeable sets and skins for all kids. 

“Paper dolls were one of the sweetest parts of our childhood. We could change their outfits or hairstyles whenever we wanted to and that added a sense of flexibility, imagination, and spontaneity to our playtime. Also, like the other dolls, paper dolls were allowed to enact scenes from stories and create games that enabled kids to explore their imagination and creative instincts. Unfortunately, the 21st-century kids, given the dominance of tablets and laptops during their playtime, have started to lose touch with these cute play dolls. And it’s also affecting their sense of creativity. This is where Megadolls come in”, stated Melisa Galfano, the dynamic founder of Megadolls.

“Our Megadolls paper dolls collection brings back the paper dolls of our childhood but with a ‘modern twist’ for the 21st-century kids. Designed to bring more variety to the paper doll world, our Megadolls dolls will enable kids to highlight different physical characteristics through elaborate customization. Alongside this, our new-age doll collection will allow us to display inner strengths like perseverance or courage through specific color-coded styling. Put simply, Megadolls dolls will open up a new world of possibilities for your kids and their play-time.”

Aimed to instill the ethos of inclusivity, the Megadolls collection is designed in a versatile range of skin colors, shades, and tones, as well as various hairstyles and hair textures.

“Our collection is also driven by the idea to sensitize little kids about inclusivity.”

Speaking on, Melissa shared that the Megadolls collection is intelligently crafted to resolve the typical problems faced with traditional paper dolls. The conventional dolls come with a tab-based template that leaves the back completely exposed and extends a boring flat mono-dimensional look. But, the Megdolls dolls come with a modern tab-less template it allows clothes to sit fully on the doll’s shoulders just like regular clothes. Put simply, Megadolls dolls can be dressed in both the front and back.

As of now, Megadolls is gearing up to launch two paper doll collections – Shero and Dolls from Around the World. The company will launch a boy doll collection shortly.

“Our next-gen paper dolls will help to reduce excessive screen-time practice for your child and lead him/her towards a more creative play-time. Our collection offers more variety with the customization of paper dolls than ever to ensure something new every time. All the dressing, hair styling, and other related customization designs can be instantly downloaded from our website. As of now, we are looking forward to starting mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring our paper dolls to life and make playtime more engaging, imaginative, and safer for our little ones.”

Backers will be rewarded with exclusive Kickstarter discounts on Megadolls paper dolls and outfits.

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