Homeowners in Midwest turn to Lucent for help navigating through inflation and rising utility rates

Solar, Backup Storage, Home Efficiency products and more with Lucent.

As homeowners brace themselves for another year of rising utility bills, many are looking for ways to reduce their monthly expenses.

Recent spikes in electricity rates have left many Americans struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living. The price of electricity has surged 10.7 percent higher in January from the same time last year, and the current prices are some of the highest energy prices and electricity rates we’ve seen in recent memory, if not ever. The increase is partly due to the high cost of natural gas and oil, which are used to generate electricity.

Solar power is an alternative that can help reduce dependence on natural gas and oil which can protect homeowners from inflation and rising delivery charges with gas prices soaring. This has led many homeowners in the Midwest to reach out to Lucent Energy.

With the aid of state and federal programs, Lucent Energy has been providing relief and peace of mind to homeowners by helping cut costs with products like solar, battery backups, and home efficiency diagnostics.

Lucent Energy has also finally found a way to make solar affordable for everybody by eliminating any upfront cost and redirecting fluctuating electric bills into fixed solar payments that are on average 15%-30% less than what they were already paying in the first place.

State and federal incentives are intended to provide relief and to invest into a more renewable future with hopes to make America completely energy independent. With more and more people making the switch to solar every day, people are starting to realize the benefits of going solar and how it can help them cut back on rising costs. Though these incentives won’t be here for long, people can get more information by contacting Lucent Energy for a free consultation and custom design to see if solar makes sense for their property.

More information can be found at http://www.lucenthomeenergy.com/

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