Farmers Capital Group Helps The Agricultural Community Create Additional Income with Passive Investments in Commercial Real Estate

The new private equity firm partners with clients in the agriculture community to create new income streams and diversification.

July 11, 2022 – A diverse investment portfolio helps reduces financial risk during volatile, unpredictable times. Agriculturalists like farmers are coming to rely on outside streams of income as a financial backbone rather than banking on a significant return on crops.

Farmers Capital Group partners with clients working in agriculture to help secure alternative income streams for a more diverse, reliable investment portfolio and return. “As a farmer’s son, I understand the difficulty and stress of putting hard-earned profits into investment vehicles we can’t rely on. I created Farmers Capital Group to turn the tables on Wall Street,” said Casey Silveria, founder and CEO.

Farmers, ranchers, and other agriculture professionals partner with Silveria to invest risk-adjusted commercial real estate as equity partners in tangible assets. These assets, such as self-storage and multifamily apartment buildings, can create sizeable passive income. Of course, there are risks with any investment, but Farmers Capital Group provides opportunities with risk-adjusted returns. Alternative investments in real estate help the ag community become less dependent on annual harvests with consistent, tax-advantaged cash flow.

About Farmers Capital Group

Commercial real estate, like multifamily apartment buildings, is traditionally a reliable, appreciative asset class–a sound investment for anyone looking to diversify their financial risk, in other words. Casey Silveria founded Farmers Capital Group based on knowledge and first-hand expertise in finance and agriculture. Join the club of agriculturalists and invest in commercial real estate. Reserved for accredited investors.

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