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With the rise in new used car prices, more people are now buying accessories to customize their cars instead of buying a new car

With news that the cost of new used cars will continue to rise in price thanks to the shortage of used cars, more people are now buying accessories to bring their old cars to life. Auto Merch Here ( which said they will not be beaten on price has said there is a shortage of 2m used cars.

The online car accessory store that sells everything from gadgets, and car repair tools, to car safety accessories, has said that there were 1.72m fewer new cars sold between January 2020 and May 2022. With fewer new cars being sold it means that there will be fewer used cars available. This problem according to car manufacturing experts will continue for the next five years.

With fewer used cars available it means used cars have gone up in price and become prime real estate. Used car sales outlets know with a shortage of used cars they can increase their prices and make more profit which is bad news for those looking for a quality low-priced used car.

Due to the shortage of used cars, more people are now buying accessories to improve the appearance of the interior and exterior of their vehicles. Buying accessories for an old car can easily change its appearance. The right type of accessories can help an old car look and feel like a new one. Auto Merch Here who help save consumers money on car products and accessories has seen a huge increase in the number of people buying accessories for their cars.

The online store prides itself on selling car products and accessories at the lowest prices and recently challenged Amazon to beat their prices. They have said people who are looking for a new used car should look in newspapers or online instead of paying the inflation prices that used car companies are charging.

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