Axe Advisor Launches Exciting New Ebook For Axe Enthusiasts

An exciting new Ebook titled “Beginner’s Guide to Axes” launched this week. Available FREE from the Axe Adviser website, this resource pulls back the curtain on one of the oldest tools in the world, the axe.

The book’s author, Alex Johansson, grew up watching his dad use an axe almost every day. Alex said, “Over the years, much of what my father did sunk in, and I’ve developed my own set of skills for using an axe. If you’re new to axes or just want to notch up your skills, then this book is worth a read!” 

Although axes are very simple tools, there is most definitely a right and wrong way to use one. It’s also easy to throw money down the drain if they’re not maintained properly. Alex’s goal is to help people work with axes the right way and at the same time raise the tool’s profile. For many jobs, power tools have replaced the axe. But Alex says, “there’s something really satisfying about swinging an axe – it beats a noisy old chainsaw”. 

The Beginner’s Guide to Axes is an easy-to-read guide that’ll teach you the basics of axes. Some of the sections include:

  • The history of axes

  • Axe anatomy

  • Types of axes

  • How to choose an axe

  • How to swing an axe

  • Maintenance advice

Alex’s book is available for download from his website here:  

About the Site:

Axe Adviser offers a wealth of advice and tips for using axes and similar tools in the outdoors. Whether you need to split firewood at home or you’re into camping and hiking, this is a good place to start. With years of forestry experience, the website founders also share their product knowledge so that money isn’t wasted.      

Anyone new to using an axe can also get access to a huge selection of Axe Adviser’s free resources here. Prefer to browse their image library? Check out this Pinterest page.

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