Morehouse releases new 2022 update for free force calibration software

The new 4215 V1.0.6: 2022 version of the Morehouse 4215 calibration software has come up with a rectified and more enhanced, and more user-friendly version of the calibration software.

York, PA – July 11, 2022 – Leading force measurement tool company Morehouse is pleased to announce that they have recently launched a new updated version for their leading calibration software, 4215. The latest upgrade, 4215 V1.0.6: 2022, utilizes coefficients from the calibration report, particularly ASTM E74 or ISO 376 report, to assure that the mV/V values could be converted to engineering units. The 4215 V1.0.6: 2022 version has fixed the existing bugs to make Morehouse 4215 more efficient than ever.  

The new updated version is compatible with Electro Standards Laboratory’s meters, including Morehouse 4215 (standard/HS/Plus), Interface 9840, and Tovey 9150. The update has further eliminated the hassles of programming specific configurations for the meters to work with the Morehouse calibration software

“We are excited to share with you all that we have just released an updated version for our popular Morehouse 4215 calibration software. The existing version had a few bugs, but we have fixed them all with our latest version to scale up the functionality of the software. We have strategically kept the calibration in mV/V as it allows us to make any kind of adjustment during calibration by issuing new coefficients. It eventually helps to keep the costs low and also enables our users to make an easy comparative study of the stability quotient between different levels of calibration”, stated the leading spokesperson from Morehouse. 

Per the statements of the spokesperson, the new updated version will allow users to make convenient adjustments to multiple engineering units, such as N, kN, kgf, & lbf. The software will further allow the summing of multiple load cells for weighing. It will enable easy monitoring of individual load cells that will further aid in the calibration of multiple tools and devices. 

“One of the major benefits of the new software update is that it makes it more convenient, to sum multiple load cells. This feature is beneficial for calibrating huge force machines, and pipe testers – the devices that require several load cells. Also, it will be a handy help when you need to check the center of gravity. Besides, thanks to the new update, our software is now able to convert force to mass values (like lbs, kgs, grams, and ounces) which will help in the calibration of scales.” 

Features and improvements introduced with the new 4215 V1.0.6: 2022 version – 

  • Compatibility with all kinds of meters models 4215, 9840, 9150 from various manufacturers 
  • Correction of several bugs in existing software
  • Fixed bug in viewing indicator properties that previously prevented users from selecting a load cell and the overall program as well. 
  • Fixed bug which allowed accidental detection of HADI when a 415Plus was linked to a computer
  • Fixed bug that shifted the load cell images off-center when growing the size of the window
  • Fixed bug that allowed Windows UI Scaling and showed the wrong seven-segment background color in certain areas. Thanks to the update, users will find uniform background color across all the 7 segment displays
  • Fixed bug that unwittingly selected Target Value cell with a click on the Capture Data tab, ultimately leading to a crash. In the new corrected version, the user will be asked whether s/he wants to put the data in the correct cell or cancel it

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