Lifetime Retirement Partners Offer Custom Comprehensive Retirement Solutions

Lifetime Retirement Partners is an American retirement planning service dedicated to providing each customer with a tailored retirement plan package.

Choosing a retirement partner is an important day in the life of any pre-retiree. To trust a company to determine a significant part of the financial landscape is, sadly, something most people take too lightly. 

Lifetime Retirement Partners is an American retirement planning service that is thoroughly devoted to each of its clients, leveraging decades of combined experience into custom products engineered to meet the needs of each individual. 

What sets Lifetime Retirement Partners apart from contemporary retirement planning firms is a wealth of experience and a human element present in each of its advisors. Comprised of independent advisors dedicated to improving the retirement vitality of their clients, Lifetime Retirement Partners’ experts are with their clients for the long haul:

“We want to do more than help you come up with a retirement plan – we want to help you implement it from beginning to end. We want to become your partners for a lifetime. We pair each client with a senior and junior advisor, so even when our team members retire, you’ll always have a familiar face who knows you and your needs helping you along the path to your retirement,” said Lifetime Retirement Partners’ spokesperson. 

The agency’s experts have imparted that wealth is fleeting if not properly distributed, accentuating the fact that forging a robust portfolio is the key to a stable retirement:

“Accumulation is the easy part. You just set it and forget it. Distribution is the hard part. You have to balance not losing money in the short term while making money in the long term. Most people in retirement care more about not losing money than making money. But if you’re just sitting on cash, you’re just slowly going broke. People really need to search for someone who specializes in the distribution phase, has the technology and software to plan for their clients and stress-test their retirement properly, and doesn’t just rely on the outdated 40/60 portfolio with a 4% withdrawal rate.”

The “40/60” portfolio revolves around an old bond diversification portfolio that is, sadly, still considered a gold standard. Many agencies still recommend it as default even though the current circumstances influencing the market are no longer suitable for such financial endeavors.

Lifetime Retirement Partners impart that “dollar cost ravaging in the first five years of retirement can cripple your plan. Taking money from a portfolio already experiencing losses is detrimental to the longevity of your retirement plan”. This is just one of the factors that not only impact but largely dictate the retirement vitality of each client. 

Lifetime Retirement Partners are committed to creating tailored solutions and following their clients along their path to retirement, ensuring that they are set to enjoy a peaceful, financially secure period after decades of hard work. 

More information about Lifetime Retirement Partners is available on the company’s official website.

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