Several Principles Of Floodlight Landscape Lighting Design

Floodlight landscape lighting includes park square floodlight landscape lighting, road floodlight landscape lighting, ancient building floodlight landscape lighting, residential area floodlight landscape lighting, tourist scenic spot floodlight landscape lighting, etc. The lighting editor will summarize several principles of floodlight landscape lighting design with you.

First: people-oriented.

All night scene environment design and transformation are for people, so people-oriented should be followed, especially the landscape lighting of residential quarters, which should be adapted to people’s daily life from the perspective of residents’ living comfort. We can’t blindly pursue beauty and artistic modeling while ignoring the impact on people’s life and rest

Second: the key points are highlighted and the priorities are clearly defined.

Floodlight landscape lighting design should have a focus, that is, a theme. It can’t be bright and bright everywhere, which will not only beautify the environment, but also cause problems such as light pollution. Therefore, the landscape lighting design scheme must be divided into primary and secondary points. Through the contrast between the virtual and the real, the highlighted parts need to be reasonably brightened, and the surrounding area is surrounded by soft lighting. The light is supplemented so that the perfect night light effect can be achieved.

Third: energy saving and environmental protection.

In the design of floodlight landscape lighting, green lighting should be taken as the concept, reasonable layout and selection of lamps, and the selection of energy-saving and low-carbon new light source products can effectively solve the problems of energy waste and light pollution, thereby improving the living environment and lighting quality.

Fourth: the form is changeable and the art is highlighted.

Lighting design can enrich the nighttime environment, and the design cannot be the same, otherwise it will appear monotonous. Therefore, no matter in the color or the shape of the lamps, it must be ingenious and ingenious. While not affecting the overall effect, various forms are combined with each other, complementing each other and setting off each other, perfectly combining function and art.

Floodlight landscape lighting is not simply to illuminate objects with lights, but to simply superimpose different elements, but the artistic recreation of lighting. It takes the garden landscape as the main body, and uses lighting technology to express the night space art of garden landscapes. This requires designers to use artistic thinking, scientific methods and modern technology to determine a reasonable floodlight landscape lighting method and layout plan, and use the artistic expression of lighting to achieve the ideal artistic conception of the landscape environment in the residential area.

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