Reasons for falling in love with Taicang at first sight

(Author: Mangzhong Zhijuan)

“Year remembers the beautiful image of your youth; Time records your happy smiles. After graduation, you will leave school, and your life journey is waiting for a new chapter. Taicang, welcome you, welcome the homecoming of students … ” Not long ago, one affectionate home letter after another was sent from Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, and reached the hands of 2,496 Taicang college graduates all over the country.

Wang Haotian was the first graduate to receive a letter from home. He opened a package customized by China Post, which contained not only a letter to students in Taicang, but also painted postcards of Taicang Elements, bookmarks on the theme of Returning Wild Goose to Rise, QR codes of talent policy and employment services, etc. The rich package of goods can’t help but remind him of his hometown. “Although I have been studying abroad for many years, I always remember my hometown. As the letter from home said, Taicang has a good momentum of development in recent years, so I decided to work in my hometown.” Wang Haotian said.


Taicang Railway Station

Not only are the wanderers from Taicang eager to return to their hometowns, but in recent years, countless talented people from home and abroad have come in droves, choosing to work and start businesses in Taicang. The data shows that in 2021, the total number of talents in Taicang has reached 227,900, of which the number of high-level talents has exceeded 24,200, with a year-on-year increase of 10.1%. What is the charm of this county-level city, which covers an area of only 810 square kilometers and has a permanent population of only about 1 million, that can make so many people stay here and fall in love with it?

“Taicang is blessed with various advantages of being in the right place at the right time, and in harmony with our neighbor. With unique location conditions, solid industrial foundation, profound open genes and pleasant living environment, it is completely confident that everyone can find the reason to’ fall in love with Taicang’.” Wang Xiangyuan, secretary of Taicang Municipal Party Committee, said.

Send out the “invitation of spring” across the mountains and seas

Taicang is adjacent to the Yangtze River in the east, facing Chongming Island across the river, and Baoshan District and Jiading District in Shanghai in the south. It is the bridgehead between Suzhou and Shanghai. Under the severe Covid-19 epidemic in the first half of this year, Taicang was also greatly affected, but the recruitment of talents did not stop.

Since people can’t communicate face-to-face, everything will shift to the “cloud”. Around the Spring Festival this year, Taicang launched the “2022 Spring Breeze Action Internet Job Fair” and “1+8” job live recruitment activities for college graduates and other employment groups. A total of 77 key enterprises participated, providing 3,080 job demands, with a cumulative number of hits of 6.46 million and a cumulative audience of 1.08 million, accounting for 68% outside the province.

Of course, online recruitment and online job hunting are nothing new for job seekers in Taicang. “Holding a live broadcast and inviting companies to introduce jobs are routine operations. But this year, the function of real-time interview has also been added. According to the person in charge of Taicang Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, in order to make online recruitment more real-time and effective, Taicang cooperated with Zhaopin (China) to try a new mode of video recruitment for the first time, that is, students can submit resumes while watching live broadcasts, and enterprises invite online interviews, thus achieving the effect of “face-to-face communication and real-time interviews”.

This spring, Taicang held the “Spring Invitation” Cloud Employment Month Activity for more than 20 colleges and universities such as Southeast University and Northwestern Polytechnical University in this way, which helped many enterprises to solve the recruitment problem.

2022 “Spring Invitation” Cloud Employment Month Activity  & JOINN Laboratories

JOINN Laboratories (Suzhou) Research Center Co., Ltd. has a recruitment demand of more than 400 people this year, and 70% of them are mainly recruited by schools. “We have a great demand for undergraduate and above researchers, especially masters and doctors.” Gong Rong, JOINN Laboratories’ recruitment supervisor, said that his company had participated in online job fairs such as the special session of biomedicine, the special session of Shaxi Town and the special session of Hefei University, and gained a lot. “The company has a great demand for college students, and video recruitment in designated colleges has set up a communication platform for both parties, which not only reduces the cost of corporate recruitment and job hunting for fresh graduates, but also improves the efficiency of recruitment and job hunting.”

Under the requirement of “Employment Activities Every Day”, this “Cloud Employment Month” attracted 374 enterprises to participate, provided 5,558 jobs and received 16,679 resumes, of which 1,853 people completed interviews during video interviews and live broadcasts, and the intention was 743.

Among college graduates from all over the country, fresh college graduates from Taicang are naturally the most cherished by Taicang.

“The river is three thousand miles long, while there are fifteen lines in the letters from home. No other words are written, but to come back early home.” In the middle and late June, 2,496 Taicang graduates, like Wang Haotian, received letters from home, which included painted postcards of Taicang Elements, a letter to Taicang students, bookmarks on the theme of Returning Wild Goose to Rise, QR code of talent policy and employment service, and called on them to return to their hometowns to start businesses and find jobs. “Among them, many people have plans to return to Taicang for employment, and then we will provide them with accurate employment services.” The person in charge of Taicang City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau said.

Travel around, but “I’m going to settle here”

Some people went out of Taicang and returned to Taicang, while others went around the world and finally chose to stay in Taicang.

Marike, general manager of Taicang Germany Center, went to Beijing to study in 2007, worked in Shanghai for a while after graduation, and chose to come to Taicang in 2018. When asked why, she spoke fluent Chinese and told reporters: “I had been working for five years at that time, and I wanted to change my job. There was an opportunity in the Taicang Germany Center. I didn’t expect to move to Taicang later, but I really didn’t regret it after I came here. “

In Marike’s view, compared with Shanghai, Taicang has a slower pace of life, a quieter environment and “more time for herself”. At present, her husband and children are living with her in Taicang. Referring to her future plans, she said frankly, “Who knows what will happen in the future, but now, I plan to settle here.”

As a China hand, Marike also has many German friends in Taicang. Taicang has been deeply involved in cooperation with Germany for nearly 30 years, and is a famous “hometown of German enterprises”, with more than 400 German enterprises. Many of these enterprises will contact the German center where Marike is located before entering Taicang. “Before they want to enter the Chinese market, they often contact me to ask where they should go in China, whether they should be a joint venture or a separate registered company, etc.”


Taicang Aviation Industrial Park

Usually, Marike will recommend Taicang to them, not only because she is in Taicang, but also because the government services here are in place. “If you have any difficulties here, you can quickly find a government contact to help you solve them. If you are in a big city, it may not be so convenient.”

It is understood that with the gathering and growth of German enterprises, Taicang has focused on the individual needs of German enterprises, given full play to the potential of its departments, and accurately launched a series of special services: in 2009, Taicang’s “Sino-German Enterprise Cooperation Base” entered the national key contact mechanism for patent protection, and the Judicial Bureau launched the joint meeting system of intellectual property rights for German enterprises and “combined” judicial services such as green channel, trial limit tracking and active consultation; The Natural Resources and Planning Bureau gave priority to the supply of land for German enterprises and opened up a green channel for German enterprises to register real estate; The Taicang Tax Bureau established a green channel for the appointment service of experts from German-funded enterprises, implemented “tolerance handling”, and opened tax windows in English and German; Various departments regularly held policy presentations and joint visits to German enterprises, and the business environment is increasingly optimized.

Modern Industrial System

Nearly 30 years of cooperation with Germany is also an irreplaceable advantage of Taicang. Since the first German enterprise settled in 1993, Taicang’s cooperation with Germany has achieved good results with its unique “from the private sector, from the bottom up” mode, and it has become a model case of county-level cities with the most intensive investment by German SMEs.

At present, Taicang German-funded enterprises are mainly engaged in high-end equipment manufacturing and automobile core parts industries, with a total of 433 enterprises, with a total investment of over 5 billion dollars, and an annual industrial output value of over 50 billion yuan, with an average output value per mu, profit and tax revenue of 14 million yuan, 1.5 million yuan and 1.1 million yuan respectively. More than half of German-funded enterprises have carried out localized R&D innovation in Taicang, and more than 90% of German-funded enterprises that settled in early stage have completed capital increase and production expansion. Many German-funded enterprises have set their headquarters or functional organizations in China in Taicang, gathering more than 50 “invisible champion” enterprises.

“Tai i-talent”, true love for talents

Because of its long history of cooperation with Germany, Taicang has also developed and built a number of commercial blocks and living facilities with German style by drawing lessons from German urban construction and eco-environmental protection elements. Every year, beer festivals, football matches, table tennis matches and other Sino-German exchange activities are held, and more and more Germans regard Taicang as their “second hometown”.

No matter where people come from, Taicang always makes them feel belonging, which may be the unique charm of Taicang.

On April 25th, the Talent Office of Taicang Municipal Committee issued Ten Measures for Further Caring for Talents and Helping Talent Enterprises to Solve Difficulties, which increased the care for the majority of talents from the aspects of improving comprehensive service guarantee, helping talent enterprises to resume work, and strengthening talent policy support.

City-wide Talent Work Promotion Conference  &  “Tai i-talent” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Month

“During the Covid-19 epidemic in Shanghai, our chief engineer was also lockdown in Shanghai, and product research and development was greatly affected. Later, Taicang introduced some policies. If enterprises have difficulties, they can submit applications, and the government can give us a proof, so that some core personnel can leave Shanghai for Taitai. Zhao Yunsheng, general manager of Taicang Dianshi Airlines, talked about the difficulties two months ago. “Fortunately, with the help of Taicang government, our engineers can successfully come to Taicang and devote themselves to the overall research and development work.”

Taicang’s emphasis on talents is reflected all the time. At the beginning of June this year, at the opening ceremony of “Tai i-talent” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Month, “Tai i-talent” talent service brand and “Tai-housing” talent apartment brand were officially released, providing the highest courtesy for talents from all walks of life in the name of a city.

“The current Taicang is in the’ golden opportunity’ of national strategy superposition implementation. It is more eager for talents than ever before, and it is more qualified to achieve talents.” Hu Weijiang, deputy secretary of Taicang Municipal Party Committee and mayor, said.

This kind of talent achievement condition is both “real capital” and “sincerity”, as well as “hardware” and “software”.

It is reported that Taicang will substantively build and operate a talent service center, open a “general entrance for talent service”, integrate various service items of various departments, and launch a “package” of service measures to enable talents to enjoy a “turn-key” supreme experience.

At the same time, Taicang has established a “talent service specialist” system, set up a 24-hour talent service line, iteratively upgraded “Tai i-talent; Talent Policy”, and changed “talent searches for policy” to “policy searches for talent”, so that the demand for talents can be met online and offline.

In addition, Taicang has continuously improved the linkage mechanism of allocation, investment and loan, played the role of fund instigation, vigorously promoted “talent loan” and introduced “financial” power for talent development.

“Tai-housing” talent apartment brand is to speed up the construction of talent community and improve the supply level of talent apartment. In the future, Taicang will integrate the talent apartments in the whole city into the brand management of “Tai-housing”, focus on building a number of high-quality talent apartment models, speed up the construction of integrated service platform, and strive to improve the level of comprehensive service guarantee, so that all kinds of talents can easily live in Taicang, and all college graduates can live in “talent apartments” when they come to Taicang.

“Let every talent find a reason to fall in love with Taicang”. In the future, Taicang will continue to promote the work brand of “Only when people come to Suzhou can they do something, and only when they gather in Taicang can they be happier”. Taicang will think about what talents think and what talents are in urgent need, and strive to make people fall in love with Taicang at first sight, enjoy Taicang and show their talents in Taicang.

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