Bakersfield Tree Service Is Now Offering Tree Planting Services

Bakersfield, California – A company that has been offering all tree care services except planting, Bakersfield Tree Service CEO earlier today announced it is now open for tree planting requests.

The strength of a building is determined by its foundation,” said the CEO as he made the announcement. “Trees are not any different. This means the planting process determines the health life of the tree. TO enhance the growth of healthy trees Bakersfield Tree Service has decided to start offering tree planting services.”

The CEO noted that homeowners use wrong planting methods and are not careful enough when planting trees. He confirmed that the company’s tree planting team will use the preferred scientific methods to bring out the best.

Many homeowners think tree planting is an exercise not worth looking for a certified arborist,” said the CEO. “With this kind of a mindset, they end up planting the trees on their own. Out of every ten trees planted 4 don’t grow. This is mainly because the homeowners damage the tree roots without knowing. Also, the ones that grow do not reach their maximum potential after being planted too deep or too shallow. There’s a preferred depth for planting trees. Bakersfield Tree Service planting team has all the scientific knowledge for planting trees.”

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The CEO noted that Bakersfield Tree Service will help its clients to select the right trees.

Cases of tree removal are common because homeowners did not put into consideration several things like buildings, sightlines, and other infrastructures,” said the CEO during the announcement. “Nobody can blame the homeowner because, for one, he or she couldn’t tell the accurate mature size of the tree. However, the new move that Bakersfield Tree Service has taken will help to reduce cases of unwanted cutting down of trees. Bakersfield Tree Service planting team will help the homeowners in selecting the right trees to plant where they want them planted.”

The CEO noted the company will give homeowners detailed tree care guides before leaving. He also noted that the company will follow up on every tree they plant till it is fully established.

After planting Bakersfield Tree Service planting team will give clients detailed guidelines of how to take care of the trees,” said the CEO. “Among them is, the homeowner will be required to water the trees for a few years until it is well established. Whole-time the company will be following up on how the trees are doing.

The CEO noted that the company will be offering tree planting services alongside other tree services in Bakersfield and the entire neighborhood.

For the longest time now,” said the CEO, “Bakersfield Tree Service is well known for providing tree care services in Bakersfield and its suburbs. Homeowners in these regions are lucky since they will be the only beneficiaries of tree planting services from the company.”

The CEO noted that the right time for planting trees is now. He also noted that the services will be offered at an affordable price.

For homeowners looking forward to planting trees, the right time is now,” said the CEO. “Don’t let the next summer find you without natural shades. Planting trees also helps to improve curb appeal. You can only get this at an affordable price by reaching out to Bakersfield Tree Service today.”

Bakersfield Tree Service office is located at 2511 M St, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States. Homeowners can also reach out to the company at +1 661-231-6160 or send an email to

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