410 Distro Presents a Portable Neck Fan called “Freeze”

410 Distro is an American company that has recently launched an innovative portable cooling device, presenting consumers with a convenient solution against summer heat.

The record for the hottest day in America was broken on the 17th of June when the temperature in Washington read 99 degrees. Although the average temperatures are slowly receding towards 70°F, many Americans are struggling to cope with the scorching hot sunny days. 

410 Distro offers a simple solution against unbearable heat. “Freeze” is a portable neck fan designed to provide the wearer with a comfortable cooling experience on the go. 

The innovative neck design sets “Freeze” apart from contemporary portable fan products. “Freeze” features two fans, one on each side, made of robust, but lightweight and flexible ABS material. 

These two fans provide equal cooling while providing twice as much power compared to traditional single-fan products. 

Many people associate fans with humming noises; 410 Distro addressed this issue when creating the “Freeze” portable neck fan, equipping it with a nearly soundless copper motor. With a tiny, yet robust engine, “Freeze’s” motor can generate a surprisingly strong air current with consistency. 

The moveable fan heads are key components of “Freeze”, providing this compact air cooler with much-needed flexibility. The heads can be directed and aimed in any desired direction, even when they are placed on solid surfaces. 

“Freeze” also features three selectable air speeds. The fan’s “Paces” can be altered and encompass low medium, and high speeds, which make “Freeze” suitable for every occasion, whether it be a mildly sunny morning, a steamy hot evening, or smoldering hot noon. 

The company’s portable air fan is powered by a rechargeable 2,000 mAh battery. Boasting 8 hours of lifetime, this battery allows “Freeze” to be used throughout the entire workday while making it perfectly suitable for long commutes, rigorous training sessions, or extensive band practices. 

Connectivity-wise, 410 Distro’s “Freeze” portable fan can be charged with a USB cable, supporting any USB-compatible device, such as a PC, laptop, or portable charger. 

The firm ensured “Freeze” is on par with the latest fashion trends, offering eight unique color variations, which encompass both backlit and non-lit variations, including black,  blue, white, and pink, with and without backlight. 

410 Distro’s “Freeze” was met with a warm reception. Numerous confirmed buyers have praised its sleek design and strong airflow, sharing their experiences on the company’s official platform. A review from Kristen Roob, a verified buyer, revolves around the first-hand experience of a satisfied customer. Kristen imparted:

“Purchased as a gift for my mom’s BFF who gets hot while doing her hair/makeup and is going through her 2nd round of chemo. I charged it, and it works great! Made well, charged quickly, and the 3 speeds are great, and I love the moveable fan heads to perfectly target where you want the air to hit,” said Kristen. 

More information about 410 Distro and “Freeze” fans is available on the company’s official website.

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