Mechanic Alliance Introduces A Movement That Helps Car Owners And Mechanics With The Daily Undertakings In Today’s Automotive Repair Shops

The movement promises to provide car owners with excellent repair services and the mechanics with a better workplace while improving their financial status.

Marvin Ray, a reputable, world-class technician that focuses on the future of the mechanic industry and how to make things the best they can be – introduces “My Certified Mechanic” and “Mechanic Alliance” – both groups aimed at providing car owners with excellent repair services while promoting the welfare of mechanics nationwide. 

Mechanic Alliance is specially created to protect and promote the reputation of skilled mechanics that put their best efforts into their work and ensure they receive all the compensation they deserve while advancing their auto repair career. My Certified Mechanic, on its own, aims to protect car owners from being ripped off by the “so-called” genuine automotive technicians.

In his statement, Marvin Ray said, “We started our movement to provide mechanics with the resources needed to help them further their careers and success in the industry and to help car owners enjoy the benefits of working with certified technicians.”

Ray and other team members have an astute knowledge of the automotive repair shops, training diagnostics, and technical and proper business procedures for dealerships, independent repair shops, and franchisees. These allow them to understand if a mechanic or repair shop is professional to its mechanics and customers.

Mechanic Alliance has a significant network of thousands of mechanics nationwide who know what they are doing and want to recognize them as the diamond they genuinely are. Some specialize in electrical diagnostics and are willing to share their knowledge as more electric vehicles come on the market.

Ray elaborates more on the subject matter; “We ensure that all the mechanics and repair shops we partner with are guided and trained by high values of discipline, integrity, and honesty, value through training and challenging work. We have heavy truck mechanics, master diagnosticians, tractor and implement mechanics, and auto and diesel mechanics.”

Based on the information on their website and Facebook page, the team has the resources needed to help mechanics live their best lives and shop owners protect the things they have invested in most.

Here are a few testimonies curled from Mechanic alliance’s website:

“Mechanic Alliance helped me find a couple of excellent techs. So much so that I could take Friday off to go down to St Louis and watch my youngest son play Lacrosse all weekend. Came back Monday morning, and the place didn’t miss a beat.” – Kory Rozema of Rozema’s Car Care. 

“For years, I thought opening a shop was a ‘5-year goal” that never got any closer. With M.A., it’s become a reality within five months. Contact Marv and Dave; I promise it will not hurt. – Andre Lambert Roanoke, VA MCM Territory owner.

Joining the alliance

Joining the alliance as a mechanic only requires $1.25 per week, and members enjoy the following benefits:

     • Asking for a Raise

     • Writing a Resume

     • Business Building

     • Growing an Existing Business

     • Two (1 hour) Sessions of One-on-One Tech or Business Support  per Year

Join the Alliance at and succeed. For more information on the mechanic alliance, visit

About Mechanic Alliance

Mechanic Alliance is a group of experts that aim to ensure all mechanics’ welfare is protected across the country while also protecting car owners from being ripped off. 

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