dAX brings a whole new relevance to the NFT space after unveiling “United for freedom,” a unique project that calls humanity to unite in the spirit of solidarity

daX showcases CONFLICT by Skeeva, which portrays the resilience of the people in Ukraine as the war persists, leaving a massive destruction.

daX has announced the release of a new and crucial social project called “United for freedom,” featuring the  virtual artwork entitled “Conflict” in support of Ukraine and its people.  “United for freedom” will be launched on July 20, 2022, through Nifty Gateway platform.

“In times of crisis and conflict, people come together and unite to conquer freedom, promote resilience and peace. This is how “United for freedom” has been born,” explains daX. The project goes beyond the profit and aims to raise awareness through the means of this digital artwork about the devastating effects of wars and conflicts and calls for peace. daX was established by Amol Kodan and Dominika Zak, who are both dedicated to digital artworks. They are on track to bring relevance to the global art stage and make a positive impact on the world by utilizing innovative technologies. daX has partnered with SKEEVA, an artist from Ukraine (represented by H+ Creative), for the game-changing, crucial, and timely social project. 

“SKEEVA’s creation is powerful and uniquely captures a tragic moment in our lifetime,” said Patrick Milgram, producer at Nifty Gateway. “We are proud to support this release and leverage the true promise of NFTs to offer a first-of-its-kind piece with an ongoing social impact.”

“Conflict” is exemplified by a monolith that was molded and given an important definition through the eyes and experience of SKEEVA, an artist from Ukraine who has been living in the eastern European country from the beginning of the war. SKEEVA is a digital fashion alchemist and has clients that include Apple, Adidas, Adobe, SpaceX, and Sega. 

“Conflict” comprises a complex account. It portrays the resilience of the people in Ukraine who live in persistent fear, surrounded by the sound of sirens, the pain, conflict, and the overall tragic effects of the war. “The main message of this piece is to show the ruination and struggle of the Ukrainian people under shelling within one monolith object. It’s also made of digital clay material — showing the tight connection (bridge) between physical sculpture/monolith craft culture and a digital new era,” states SKEEVA.

“United for freedom” is a unique project that calls humankind and the NFT community to unite in the spirit of hope, solidarity, and peace. Those who want to learn more about the “United For Freedom” social project and its bid to redefine the NFT space may visit daX’s social media account https://www.instagram.com/daxnft/ for more information.

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